Quantum Meditation: What is it?

In meditation techniques, perhaps one of the less known is the quantum meditation, a tool that helps us to feel calm, starting from the premise that a calm mind is the best way to feel good and in harmony with the body.

quantum meditation

Serenity gives balance and that is translated at the time of demonstrate, manage and channel the emotions and thoughts. The quantum meditation – combined with breathing exercises – help to channel the energy in a balanced way, being a technique recommended to release tension and reduce stress and anxiety own of a rhythm of hyperactive and frenetic life.

Precisely, it accelerated everyday life in which live immersed, almost without realizing it, can take a toll on our physical and emotional health. The stress, the burden of responsibilities, tensions… can make us forget the most important thing, to feel that we are really alive.

The meditation, as a technique itself, seeks a greater connection and knowledge. Quantum meditation is the tool to focus on emotions and thoughts and create, with full consciousness, a reality that allows us to channel the energy to improve our welfare. In other words, meditation helps us to control the mind and be prepared to face the challenges or situations of tension and stress with greater confidence and poise, without fear of falling prey to negative emotions.

Feel good emotionally improves our physical well-being, as it helps to activate the immune system and metabolism.

Meditation exercise

Spend a few minutes each day, in a space without noise or external distractions, to relax the mind is a way to practice the meditation. We put ourselves in the position where we feel more comfortable (sitting, lying) and focus on our breathing, taking a deep breath slowly, until we feel as the lungs fill, and expelling it gently.

Then go through the body, from top to bottom, starting with the toes and up to the head, watching every feeling or thought, but without stopping. At the end of the tour, create a positive thinking and dwell in it a few minutes. In this way, we help the energy to flow. We can accompany us in soft music.