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Remove warts from the skin using home remedies

Remove warts from the skin, annoying and unsightly, the use of natural remedies is possible. Warts, although these are usually painless, can cause itching or pain. The hands and feet are two of the areas of the body where it tends to appear most frequently.

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Although in some cases it may remit spontaneously, it usually reappears and may even be extended or spread to other areas of the body. How to remove warts from the skin with home remedies?

What are skin warts?

Warts are a cutaneous injury or excrescence, usually round, that can appear isolated or in a group. In general it is of viral origin (human papillomavirus, HPV) and is not always easy to eliminate, since warts have the peculiarity of developing their own blood irrigation system or affect the nerve endings.

Not only the intimate contact with another person affected by HPV can cause warts, but also stress and an unbalanced diet can favor its presence.

Types of warts on the skin

There are different types of warts, both for its shape and its location and symptoms that accompany it. Also, the names of the warts are varied.

  • Generally, the wart has a rounded shape, rough to the touch and with a certain elevation on the skin (this is the case of warts on the hands).
  • Warts can also be flat and smooth, as it usually happens if it appear on the face (especially in the case of children).
  • Warts in intimate areas, those caused by HPV, often have a ridge shape. When it appears on the foot (plantar wart) these are usually much more painful, so walking even more difficult.
  • Warts (subungual and periungual) may also appear around the nails.

Natural remedies for warts

Although it is advisable to consult the doctor to determine the cause of appearance of warts and apply the most appropriate treatment (especially when it comes to the intimate areas or face), in other cases we can resort to the pharmacy or opt for some remedies or natural herbs.

Raw potato for warts

The potato to eliminate warts is one of the best-known remedies. Rub the inside of the shell of the raw potato, twice a day, on the wart. If it works, in a short time the wart will damage irremediably, it will dry up and finally, it will fall.

Vine leaves for warts

The milk from the fig leaves is a good remedy against warts. You should rub twice a day, for at least five minutes. Then rinse with cold water. The effects take a few days to be visible.

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Urine for warts

Yes, you read correctly, the ammonia that contains the urine turns out to be a quite effective remedy to eliminate warts. After cleaning and drying the area to be treated, urine is applied three times a day and for a couple of weeks.

Pineapple to eliminate warts

One remedy that can also work is to put a slice of fresh pineapple in the area of the warts and rub it, at least several times a day.

Another alternative with fruits is the orange peel or the citrus juice. It is applied several times a day with the help of gauze. In a couple of weeks, the wart may disappear.

Celandine for warts

The extract of celandine, a plant with the characteristic of yellow flowers. The juice that you secrete should be applied in the area several times a day.

Essential oils to remove warts

  • Thyme essential oil, with antiviral and antibiotic effect. Moisten a cotton with a few drops, apply on the skin and leave it for about 2 hours. Remove it and reapply.
  • Oregano essential oil, with antibacterial and antiviral effect. Apply a couple of drops directly on the wart and leave on. Repeat twice/day.
  • Tea tree oil, appreciated for its antibiotic and antiviral properties. Apply a few drops on the wart and allow to act. Repeat 2-3 times a day.
  • Peppermint essential oil, with antiviral effect. Moisten a cotton with a few drops, apply on the wart and leave covered during the entire night. Repeat several days in a row.

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