Short Steroid Cycles with High Dosages versus Long Steroid Cycles with Low Dosages

The use of steroids has generally multiplied over the last few decades and it is not just the super athletes and sportsmen trying to achieve new levels of strength and stamina but day to day trainees, teenagers and body builders as well who are aiming to build up muscularity and power storage.

steroid cycles

Many of the newbies, however, don’t understand the importance of maintaining the ‘on’ and ‘off’ periods of the steroids cycles. The question that most of the young people ask is that, ‘Why can’t there just be an ‘on’ period?’ It is important to understand what steroids and their cycle do to your body before you can fathom what kind of cycles would work for your body.

What Steroids can do to you?

Steroids are kinds of pro-hormones because they inhibit the properties of the naturally existing hormones in the body. However these compounds are exogenous and as soon as they are administered, the body recognizes them and takes notice of them.

Because these pro-hormones have androgenic properties, the hormone that controls the same in the human body temporarily shuts down as part of the negative feedback to cope with the increase of the hormonal changes already registered in the body. So whether you are on a short cycle of strong dose or long steroid cycles with low doses, your body will temporarily decrease its own production of testosterone while you rely on both the androgenic and anabolic properties exhibited by the steroids.

So the questions that arise after that are,

  • What will happen when you are off the cycle and
  • What would it mean for you to have low testosterone levels?

What happens while you are on the Steroids

As mentioned earlier, the natural testosterone levels of the body can considerably crash when you are taking steroids. While this is happening, your body is not going to register any changes as far as the anabolic properties are concerned, for example the buildup of muscle mass and strength.

However, the androgenic abilities, like sex drives and aggression, which is characteristic of male, may or may not decrease and that largely depends upon the dosage and properties of the steroids that are taken. If the substance that is being consumed has these capabilities, then the user might experience increased sex drive and/or aggression. However, if the steroid lacks these abilities, then the sex drive is surely going to fall. Whether the androgenic abilities are enhanced or not, every steroid user is going to experience enhanced muscular strength and muscle mass.

What Happens When You are off the Steroids

When you are off steroids, the lack of testosterone production in the body will start to kick in and the person is going to feel the repercussions then. Depending upon how long the body takes to recoup the natural levels, the user will start to experience the loss of muscle mass and strength and a gain in fatty deposits.

In a typical cycle of 4 weeks on and 6 weeks off it is likely for the user to have gained the muscle and strength; however the other male characteristics of his body will have varied. An ‘off’ period is required to bring the body back to homeostasis and to flush out the negative side effects from the body that will build up during the cycle.

Shorter Vs. Longer Cycles

So while shorter cycles with higher dose can guarantee:

  • a small buildup of toxins and side effects
  • and a higher muscular gain.

The high doses can severely disrupt the natural hormonal cycle and bring the weight crashing down during the off period.

Similarly, the longer cycles with low dose can assure:

  • lesser disruption in the hormonal levels and
  • A slow but steady buildup of muscles that will last longer.

However, with longer cycles, you need to have longer ‘off’ periods to let the body maintain the equilibrium. Also, this will help you to stay away of many of steroid¬†side effects that are largely mentioned by all of those who even never used steroids.¬†