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Speed ​​up your metabolism: Diet and Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

The metabolism, as we recall, is the process by which our body burns calories that we need for our basic needs. Is it possible to adjust this process? Yes, with the right strategies we can change our metabolism to stay in shape and, above all, avoid the extra kilos.

speed up metabolism

Speed up your metabolism: Diet

The basal metabolic rate is the minimum energy expenditure, which should be kept for the proper functioning of our body. A proper diet – healthy, varied and balanced – is, first, a guarantee to keep slows down our metabolism. Similarly we need to pay attention to food choices, opting for healthier compared to more calorie-also have to do with the number of meals.

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is one of the most common mistakes, and will not make weight, but the opposite is lost. Nor should we skip the snack. In fact, if we let too much time pass between meals, the body tends to slow down the metabolism to cope with the shortage of nutrients.

The diet to speed up metabolism should not exclude foods like red meat and fat. If we introduce lean meat tends to decrease the production of anabolic hormones, which results in the slowing of metabolism. The proteins are essential in a diet to change our metabolism, giving preference to those contained in the fish, the meat, and the cheese and low-fat dairy products. From this point of view it is advisable to eat chicken, turkey, beef, cheese and curd. The amino acids stimulate metabolism.

Nor should we neglect the hydration, but quite the opposite. It is advisable to increase the intake of water, up to two liters per day and be careful with those drinks that fattening. Yes there is limit for the simple sugars, since an excess of carbohydrates from high glycemic index can favor the accumulation of adipose tissue and increase the insulin resistance, a condition that tends to reduce the rate of metabolism.

Fruits and vegetables, for its antioxidants contains, are essential, since among other benefits help eliminate the toxins that have accumulated in the body.

Speed up your metabolism: Natural remedies

Natural remedies can be a good ally to speed up metabolism. Without doubt, one of the first choices to accelerate metabolism may be resorting to specific drugs, which act on the central nervous system, although we must not forget that all drugs have side effects. Before taking any medication, consult your doctor. Among other natural remedies may include homeopathic, with products such as Lycopodium clavatum, a substance derived from pollen and that can be effective to activate the metabolism.

Another option, when we talk about natural remedies, are the products made of herbs that can be taken as supplements. For example, kelp, a seaweed containing iodine salt. Among the positive effects on metabolism that is attributed include improving the functioning of the thyroid – their role is vital in metabolism. Excellent solution can also be the ginseng, while helping you burns more calories. Nor should we underestimate the effects of the use of green tea, salix alba and capsaicin, excellent stimulators of thermogenesis (body temperature to burn more calories).