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Stained Teeth: Causes and treatment

Stains on teeth are one of the most frequent alterations of the enamel. Alterations which, by the way, usually the first stage of the dental problems, so it is important not to ignore the appearance of the spots. What are the most common causes of stained teeth? What the most effective treatment of stained teeth?

stained teeth

City oral health, starting with proper hygiene and regular dental visits, is the best guarantee for a healthy and fresh mouth. Not always pay due attention until the first problems appear – toothache or gum, slight bleeding on brushing teeth or tooth decay – forgetting that sometimes the oral disorders move silently, with hardly notice it inconvenience to alert us.

Check our teeth allow us to detect signals that can be perceived with the naked eye and can give us valuable information on oral health.

Teeth with yellow spots: Causes

Stains on teeth are a clear evidence of an alteration or damage enamel, one of the most common dental problems. When the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) begins to deteriorate curb is important because the disease can progress and cause major problems.

Teeth with yellow spots, and somewhat translucent at the edges, together with the pangs when taking cold, hot or sweet foods (tooth sensitivity) are two of the most common symptoms of changes in the enamel.

– The causes of the deterioration of enamel abrasion-aggressive-brushing, excessive pressure include teeth grinding bruxism – or erosion caused by substances such as acidic foods (lemon, vinegar, energy drinks, fruit juice …).

Some bleaching products or gastric acids (especially in case of frequent vomiting, as in the case of pregnancy or eating disorders such as bulimia).

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Teeth with brown spots: Causes

Smoking or excessive caffeine intake can also stain teeth, with the appearance of characteristic dark spots, usually brown tones. But the teeth with dark stains can also be a symptom of problems in the gums, tartar buildup.

Tobacco, coffee, and alcohol contribute to the formation of plaque or alter the balance of bacteria that exist in the mouth.

Teeth with white spots: Causes

Discoloration of teeth with white spots that get progressively darker can be a symptom of decay.

Bacteria that accumulate in the mouth break down food scraps and turn them into acids that attack the enamel and drilled. It is what is known as caries.

Stained teeth: Treatment

To prevent the appearance of spots is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene. Brushing teeth after every meal and undergo a professional cleaning at least once a year.

Brush, whether it is manual or electric, should be soft fibers not attack the enamel or gums, and renewed every three months. The toothpaste is recommended to have fluoride, although if it’s a specific oral problem it is possible that the dentist recommends a special product.