The best exercises to eliminate belly fat

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal area is not only a cosmetic problem, also of health. And it is that excess abdominal fat, in addition to increasing the perimeter of waist, increases the risks of developing some health conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol levels. The exercise is an excellent ally to eliminate abdominal fat, accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. What is the most effective exercise? We propose some simple exercises that you can implement in the gym or at home.

eliminate belly fat

Table of Contents

Exercise 1

A simple exercise to begin and that helps us to activate the metabolism. We place ourselves standing with feet together and back straight. The arms stretched along the body. We raise one arm while we take a small jump. Repeat jumping while lift one arm and then the other and dropping the weight from right to left.

Exercise 2

The squats are one of the most effective fat-burning and toning exercises. We stand standing, with legs apart at the height of the hip, flexed knees and tilt the body forward smoothly, without bending back and always with the feet well supported on the ground. Repeat two series of six squats.

Exercise 3

Lying on the floor and bend legs at an angle of 90 degree with the body. We take air and slowly raise the upper back while we contract the abdomen.

We stretch our arms forward as if we were to touch the feet. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Lower back, bend knees to the chest and keep that position another 10 seconds.

Exercise 4

Lying on the left side, without head resting on our hand, and lift the right leg to 90 degree angle. Helping with the hand, gently stretch the leg, and as far as we can, in the direction towards the face. Maintain the position for 30 seconds and regain the starting position. Repeat and switch sides.

Exercise 5

Lying on the floor, flexed legs and relies on the feet. Put the left leg over the right and left hand on left knee, while bringing the right arm stretched above the leg bent, slightly bending the trunk and contracting the abdomen. Make two sets of 8 repetitions with each leg.

There are other activities that also promote the burning of abdominal fat, from walking, the simplest exercise, to go up and down stairs or dancing.