Skin Disease

The face tells us our health status

Have you ever noticed your pale face? Have your skin turned bluish color? Have changed tone and seems more opaque? Look at in the mirror is not a matter of vanity, but health, because the face is the best reflection of our state of health. Many of the diseases are manifested therein, and warn us of the changes that are taking place in our body. For example, typical hormonal changes of stages of the life as the menopause will cause our facial skin become more dry and thin. The face is one of the most visible parts of our body, translating our State of health in a faithful way. So attentive to the changes that we notice in our face.

paleness face

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Paleness face

When the skin becomes pale and that is visible in the face in the area of the conjunctiva of the eyes and the mucous membrane of the mouth, we can be faced with a problem of anemia, being recommended to see a doctor to determine the cause and prescribe treatment and most appropriate diet to increase iron.

Bluish discoloration

It is a symptom that should not be underestimated and should consult doctor as soon as possible. Staining blue skin, especially in the area of the nose, eyes and lips, and also known as cyanosis, may be related to a problem of lack of oxygen in the blood for a cardiac or pulmonary problem.

Yellowish face

In particular in the area of the eyes and in the mucosa of the mouth, when the skin acquires a yellowish tone can be due to hepatitis, or liver problems still need to consult doctor to confirm or rule out the cause to start the most appropriate pharmacological treatment.

White spots on the skin

The emergence of a few small lighter spots on the skin can be a symptom of vitiligo, but can also reveal a problem of hypothyroidism, which causes an acceleration of metabolism that causes excessive sweating and oily skin.

Purple spots

One of the reasons that may be behind the appearance of small purple spots is the consumption of certain medications such as corticosteroids. And it is that drugs may cause changes in the skin that are manifested also in the face, including the appearance of acne.