Skin Disease

Ulcers on the skin: Causes and helpful remedies

In a matter of health no underestimate any symptom, however slight, since a single lesion; skin can be in this case, go to more. The ulcers on the skin are a fairly common disorder, although in many respects can remain a stranger, for example, with regard to the causes that cause their appearance or symptoms produced. Let’s look more closely at what this skin problem, the largest organ of our body and therefore require care.

skin ulcers

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What is it

Ulcers are skin lesions that do not always heal spontaneously and which can be accompanied by pain. Older people are more vulnerable to this type of condition, especially due to loss of elasticity of skin tissue.

The causes

Skin ulcers can occur for various reasons, with the venous cause the most common. In these cases, the injury is a consequence of the expansion of vein wall or vein thrombosis. In addition, skin ulcers may also be the result of ischemia, i.e., poor supply of blood and oxygen to the tissues, associated with several risk factors such as hypertension, snuff or diabetes. In fact, the latter is a chronic disease that, among other associated effects, can also cause vascular changes. Nor should we rule out other possible causes, including skin ulcers or as a result of trauma.

Useful remedies

The most effective treatment to remove the skin ulcers should be directed to directly combat the cause that triggered them.

For example, when the cause is venous, you will have to treat varicose veins or venous thrombosis. If its appearance is due to diabetes specialist will recommend an edema therapy to help control and prevent the consequences of the disease.

To cure ulcers, first have to clean the wound with saline solution, and then, following the doctor’s instructions, apply an ointment or cream with healing and antiseptic action. It is advisable to cover the sores with a bandage. In some cases, reconstructive surgery, which is carried out depending on the depth of the lesion may be necessary.