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Voice Disorders: What are the most common?

Dysphonia and hoarseness are among the most common disorders that affect our voice, much more important than we think and that we should pay more attention.

voice disorders

Precisely, the incorrect use of the voice is the main cause which is usually behind the voice problems, along with viral infections. From the outset, the voice is our tool to communicate and, in some cases, our working tool. The care of the vocal cords, of our voice, it is important to avoid serious injury.

The voice, though essential, is not usually count on our attention until problems arise, including hoarseness and dysphonia. Using the voice as daily working tool – case of teachers, actors, singers, broadcasters, among others, can make us more vulnerable to disturbances such as irritation, hoarseness, loss of voice.

Talking too high, forcing the voice, smoking or even incorrect hydration, may be behind the vocal cord disorders. As specialists point out the misuse of the voice is usually the main cause, by the exertion. Taking care of our voice is as simple as following a few tips, like not to raise the voice beyond our means, rest well, physical exercise and lead a healthy and balanced diet.

Stress, as in other aspects related to health, is not a good ally of our voice. Thus, as stress specialists, accumulated muscular tensions can also affect the vocal cords. Other factors to consider are the environmental conditions of the workplace (eg, excessive moisture or high temperatures of heating or air conditioning) and allergies.

Voice Care: Tips

Here are some of the tips for taking care of our voice:

  • No screaming, avoid noisy environments and control the volume of our voice.
  • Do not smoke and avoid smoke spaces.
  • Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages, as its can irritate the lining of the throat.
  • Avoid very cold drinks.
  • Take a diet especially rich in vitamins (A, C and E). Avoid spicy foods or stimulant drinks that can cause heartburn and scroll to the esophagus and throat.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.

Propolis preparations

The propolis, which also manufactured the bees, is an excellent ally for taking care of our voice. We can take the form of syrup, candy or spray. Medicinal preparations can be purchased at the pharmacy. The propolis takes care of the vocal cords, protects the throat infections, and the effects of the cold or from overuse.

Our voice, but so far we have not given the attention, it is essential, and the problems of the vocal cords can reduce our quality of life and influence our lives both professionally and personally. Not only must take care, but go to the doctor or otolaryngologist if there is some kind of problem.

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