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Weekend Syndrome: What it is and how to deal

If the weekend comes and you feel tired, your mood gets worse and just want to stay home away from the world, it is possible that you have the weekend syndrome and you have not noticed. We tell you what it is and how to deal with it.

weekend syndrome

While for most people the weekend is cause for joy and enjoyment, some people do not feel that way. People suffering from the weekend syndrome, often feel more tired in weekend than usual; they are listless and sad during the weekend and may feel anxiety, moody and dissatisfaction.

Maybe it happens to you or knows someone who will pass you, as a friend or your partner. To detect it is not easy, but one of the most common symptoms is that suddenly you feel happy and joyful the day you go back to work or your usual routine, despite having spent a distressing weekend.

Why weekend syndrome occurs?

Generally people suffering from the weekend syndrome are people who love routine, control and organized labor. Therefore, to reach the weekend can feel that their life has no meaning if they don’t do something “productive”.

Another common reason is the psychological “flight” toward the aspects of his life.

When comes the weekend, where there is free time, it is possible that in mind is space for thoughts about your own life which do not meet, as emotional aspects about the affective, familiar or sexual relations. Unwilling to face life, opt for choose a state of denial over the weekend.

What are the consequences of the weekend syndrome?

If you never enjoy the weekends and not be looking for alternative lifestyle make you smile, sigh, mourn, love…. it is very likely that it would be possible to fall into a state of depression.

In addition, people with weekend syndrome, often live in a permanent state of stress, affecting different physical aspects, such as the gastrointestinal tract or severe pain in the back or head.

They usually isolate themselves of everything what is around them, especially his family, showing disinterest and indifference for everything other than their occupations.

The work is the most important thing for them and considers leisure activities and enjoyment as a waste of time. This influences their personal relationships, reaching deeply damaging them.

How do deal it?

If you think you suffer from the weekend syndrome, the first step is to recognize your situation. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to go to a specialist if you think it necessary and you feel that you are in a point where you do not see how to go out of the apathetic and sad weekends. Many more people than you think may suffer weekend syndrome, and the important thing is that your life be as happy as possible.

In addition, if there are people involved and affected by this situation, it is important that make co-participants of your recovery process and your frustrations and fears.

Learn to express your feelings will help to know you better and want to deal with your life, without effects of flight that only are making you an unlucky person.

Start slowly; looking small situations in a short space of time that make you enjoy without thinking about work.

You can even do it during the week, time of the week when you find yourself with more spirit. Try to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life, and seeks to fulfill those dreams that you had forgotten.