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10 causes why menstrual cycle is delayed

Surely you are many that are going to identify with this situation: all the life worried about avoiding it and, just now that you are looking for it, you prove that getting pregnant is more complicated than it seemed. Every menstrual delay without pregnancy, we know, is especially disappointing at this time. That is why our interest in normalizing this situation. The more relaxed and calm, the easier you reach your desired goal. Read the 10 causes why your menstrual cycle is delayed.

delaying period

We begin by distinguishing two different situations regarding the menstrual cycle: delays and the absence of menstruation. Their causes and consequences are different. But, it is important that you stay with the idea that, in any case, we are talking about a disease as such, but a gynecological symptom that deserves our attention.

What is amenorrhea?

It is a medical term that refers to the absence of menstruation for at least three consecutive months. This delay of the period or amenorrhea begins to consider significant as a sign that the woman has some problem that should be consulted with the gynecologist to know the real cause.

Generally, the reasons for delaying the period so markedly are not serious, but there may be behind some disease such as polycystic ovarian syndrome that is better than discarding the specialist.

In any case, the alarms should not be lit in a worrying way, the solutions to these maladjustments are usually quite simple and effective. We understand that for a woman who is looking to get pregnant, the issue of calculating the fertile days is complicated if her menstruation is irregular. During pregnancy you should consult your doctor which medicine or antidepressants you should take…check this https://menstrual-cycle-calculator.com/is-it-safe-to-take-zoloft-during-pregnancy/

In any case there can be several types of treatments to combat amenorrhea and recover your fertile days. Let’s see below what are the main causes of delayed menstruation in women, pay special attention.

Reasons why menstrual cycle is delayed

The basis of the functioning of the female reproductive system is in the hormones. And its correct development can be affected by physical and emotional imbalances. In particular, these are the most common causes why your menstrual cycle is delayed:

  1. Stages of stress and anxiety: Hormone production is regulated from the hypothalamus. An excessive and prolonged emotional tension can generate irregularities. Future moms, take good note of this point. To be too overwhelmed because that much-desired news does not arrive, only contributes to retard it.
  2. The intake of medication or a particular treatment can be a reason why your menstrual cycle is delayed. The taking of certain medication such as corticosteroids or antidepressants can affect the time of conception. In general, any change in medication should be taken into account. Of course, oral contraceptives would enter here.
  3. Poor nutrition, obviously, it is another of the 10 reasons why your menstrual cycle is delayed in women suffering from bulimia, anorexia or serious eating disorders. The disappearance of menstruation is one of the first warnings given by the body. But, without reaching these extremes, eating too much and doing it in lower amounts than you need is a determining factor for your period.
  4. Excess physical activity is another reason why the period is delayed, between sedentary lifestyle and exhaustion, there is a wide range of levels of sports. Any of them, in moderation is beneficial.
  5. Age is a determining factor when it comes to being a mother. Both adolescent girls in their first cycles and women who are approaching menopause are protagonists of unbalanced menstrual calendars.
  6. Certain diseases or infections can be responsible for a drastic change in your menstrual cycle. We do not talk about anything serious, a simple cold or a stomach virus are sometimes a reason for delay.
  7. Changes in schedules, are proving that the changes in work that affect the sleep rhythm affect the disorders.
  8. Problems in the thyroid are one of the 10 reasons why your menstrual cycle is delayed and can prevent you from clearly calculating your fertile days and as a consequence, it will delay your pregnancy. We are talking about undiagnosed women who, once treated, return to their regularity.
  9. Breastfeeding is another reason why the menstrual cycle is delayed, ends up giving birth and be feeding your child breast milk is one of the reasons why the period can be resolved.
  10. And, pregnancy! We leave for the end of the 10 causes why your menstrual cycle delays what you expect excited. Yes, there are many occasions when the delay is the best news!