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10 foods should not eat before going to bed

Take care of the rest is as important as taking care of the food. In fact, diet and sleep are more closely related than we think. There are foods that by their content or properties, help us to be more active in waking and others, curiously, it could be said to have the ability to steal sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, perhaps the answer lies in the diet itself and, in particular, on what we take for dinner. Discover what are the 10 foods should not be taken before going to bed.

foods not eat before sleep

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Red meat

Being rich in fat and protein the red meat slows down the process of digestion and interfere in our rest, so it is best to choose lighter foods. Dinner is advisable at least two hours before going to sleep, precisely so that digestion does not affect sleep.

Alcoholic beverages

The alcohol does not help you sleep or rest. In fact, overdo alcohol will have a disturbed sleep and the next day, as well as hangover we’re much more tired. Alcohol, always in moderation.

A piece of cake

If it assails you hunger before you go to sleep, there’ll probably go for the sweet, because this will raise our levels of blood sugar, which besides being unhealthy, according to a research study, also could be responsible for that we have nightmares.

Black chocolate

Likewise, forget about take a bite of black chocolate if you have trouble falling asleep. And the chocolate may contain caffeine and some other stimulant such as theobromine, which is unique in accelerating the heart rate.


The garlic, although it is a food that also provides health benefits, is not a good bed partner. On the other hand, the garlic can provoke a smell of unmistakable breath and also can cause heartburn. We may want to avoid it if we are looking for a good night’s sleep.


The celery is an excellent diuretic, reason why it is better to take it at lunch and not dinner, because it can make us wake up more often at night to urination. It must also avoid foods like watermelon, onion, at the dinner for the same reason.


The paste, because it contains carbohydrates, is not recommended for all nutrition experts as the best ally for dinner. The paste also not usually be used alone, but usually accompany some sauce with tomato or cream, which will make it be a more fatty dish.


Although a vegetarian pizza is a food that, by the mass and ingredients like cheese, can slow digestion. It is not prohibited, being able to take a small portion, but without exceeding, and then our stomach will make us awake at night.

Ice cream

The ice cream, though not enough, is an extraordinary source of fats and, therefore, calories, which will be difficult to burn if taken before bedtime. Not to forget the ice cream tends to have a high sugar content, which interferes with the proper rest.


The cereals are best to taken at breakfast. The reason is that in addition to carbohydrates, contain sugars that will burn throughout the day and that did not interfere in our rest. Before going to bed it is better to opt for a glass of warm milk, but without cereals.