Foot Problems

Cracked heels: symptoms, causes and solutions

The cracked heels, rough to the touch, is one of the problems most commonly affecting the feet. This generally is due to one of the parts most subject to friction body and, therefore, more vulnerable to cuts or abrasions. Also it affects the dry skin formation and callus areas. One should not underestimate the appearance of cracks in the skin of the feet, otherwise untreated, can cause burning and itching, appearance of a few drops of blood or complicated by an infection.

cracked heels

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The cracked feet are a problem not only aesthetic, but also health, otherwise treated properly; the dry skin can lead to cuts, cracks and the change of coloration. There are other signs such as pain in the area, burning, bleeding, infection, inflammation and walking difficulty.


Cracked heels can reveal diseases as psoriasis or diabetes. It may also be a disorder associated with menopause, obesity, pregnancy, flat feet, excessive sweating or calluses. Avoid walking barefoot and aggressive hygiene products.


Strengthen the foot care is the first step to take. In addition to using natural products for the washing of the feet with water, apply moisturizers, pumice stone to remove dead skin and dry well after washing. If the problem persists, consult your podiatrist.