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10 hidden enemies of tooth enamel

The enamel is the layer that surrounds and protects the tooth surface. Everything we eat-food-and-drink affects the health of our teeth and in some cases specifically to dental enamel. Find the 10 hidden enemies of tooth enamel.

enemies of tooth enamel

We all know that coffee causes staining and candy promote tooth decay. But there are enemies of the tooth enamel and will discover, because the first rule to improve oral health prevention is to identify the risk factors:

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Another reason to quit smoking is oral health. The snuff damage teeth and gums. In addition, nicotine favors the appearance of stains on teeth, dark glaze and harms gingival tissues.

Citrus juices

Citrus fruits are good because its provide, among other nutrients, vitamins C and D, good for the health of your mouth, but consumed in excess can be harmful. Especially the lemon and grapefruit, taken in large quantities, can erode tooth enamel. Citrus fruits can than wearing it out.


Excessively acid, which can affect tooth wear.

Tea and Coffee

In addition to promoting stained teeth may also destroy the molecule called hydroxylapatite and is involved in the stratification system of enamel.


Through its content in vinegar and acetic acid should not abuse their consumption because it can damage tooth enamel. Be careful with acidic ingredients in sauces and dressings.

Popcorn, chips

Too high in carbohydrates and sugars which can be fermented to form lactic acid, which impairs the enamel. It is best to brush your teeth immediately after eating these snacks.

Pasta and bread

Its also contain lactic acid. It is not about to give them up, but brushing your teeth after taking it.


The habit of chewing gum does not help take care of the enamel. By sticking to the surface of the tooth, there are bacteria that generate acid, and burn the sugar eroding enamel and favouring the appearance of tooth decay.


Chewing ice can be most refreshing, but also will be doing a disservice to our teeth. And the ice for its hardness, the bite can cause cracks and fractures in the teeth.

Hard brushes

Good dental hygiene includes using a suitable brush. So, avoid too hard toothbrushes, because its can wear down the enamel and even damage our gums if used with great force.

What to do to combat these tooth enemies? In addition to monitoring habits – for example, not abusing certain food – also should take care of the hygiene.

It is essential to brush teeth after every meal; use dental floss to remove debris between the teeth, with care not to damage the gums, and visit the dentist to check the condition of the mouth at least every six months.