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3 Reasons to Use Natural Contact Lens Solutions

The Better to See You
Your vision is arguably the most important of your five senses. Although your quality of life would be adversely affected by losing your sense of taste, smell touch or hearing, your eyes allow you to navigate through your surroundings. Therefore, it makes sense to do everything that you can to preserve your vital sense of vision.

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Preserving your sense of vision includes high-quality eyewear and vision-related products. Whether you wear eyeglasses, choose contact lenses or alternate between eyeglasses and contact lenses, skimping on the products you use in and around your eyes is not an option. Avoiding harsh chemicals whenever possible is also preferable, hence the appeal of natural contact lens solution.

Similarity to Real Tears

Back in the day, contact lenses were rigid and hard. If you weren’t careful, the lenses could scratch the delicate tissues in and around your eyes. The lenses had to be removed every night and boiled to sterilize them. Even with fastidious care, many times, people wore glasses for hours or days at a time just to give their eyes a break.

Many people found it impossible to wear old-school contact lenses at all. They gave up and went back to wearing eyeglasses. Today’s contact lenses are softer, more flexible and often easier to wear than old-school contact lenses. By using natural contact lens solution, you can make the experience of wearing contact lenses even easier.

In fact, the appeal of natural contact lens solution is that it includes ingredients such as hyaluronan, a component that is present in natural tears. Natural contact lens solution is also formulated to have a similar pH value as the pH value found in your eyes. The presence of ingredients that occur naturally within your eye cavity along with a compatible pH value mean that many consumers find that natural contact lens solution is easier on their eyes than conventional contact lens solution.

Biomimicry – Easy on the Eyes

Biomimicry is a principle of product development that borrows its innovations from nature. For instance, artificial wings that allow humans to glide draw at least some of their inspiration from the wings of bats. Robots that use tiny suction discs to climb walls draw their inspiration from insects that cling easily to vertical walls. By including ingredients normally found within the eye along with a compatible pH balance, natural contact lens solutions incorporate the principles of biomimicry.

Appeal to LOHAS Consumers

LOHAS is actually an acronym that stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. LOHAS customers value natural ingredients in their products, along with packaging that can be or has been recycled (or both) and manufacturing practices that take the environment and social justice into account. For LOHAS consumers, natural contact lens solution holds more inherent appeal than conventional contact lens solution, even if the latter is offered by a reputable manufacturer. Besides being easier on your eyes, natural contact lens solution also appeals to LOHAS consumers because of the incorporation of the principles of biomimicry in the production process.