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Acne at 40: Foods that harm

Is it possible to have acne at 40? Yes and in fact a more common problem than we thinks. In the diet we will find some of the causes, including foods that are harmful to favor its appearance, not forgetting to carry an unbalanced diet makes us more vulnerable to this skin problem, unsightly at any age.

Acne at 40

Just as we must reduce the consumption of certain foods, there are others that can improve skin condition and help to combine the annoying pimples. And one more tip, care of skin hygiene.

Acne is not a problem exclusive to adolescence. In fact, age is not the cause of the appearance of unsightly pimples, but the hormonal changes, emotional stress and unbalanced diet. The face and neck are two of the areas where acne tends to appear, a problem that in some cases it disappears after leaving adolescence. Acne at 40 can fight and prevent. We tell you how to do it by following a few simple tips.

Foods that harm

Foods that may favor the development of acne:

Iodine: It is in iodized salt, seaweed, nuts like walnuts, milk and cheese.

Cereals: Although not the direct cause of pimples, when appear allergic problems can worsen the symptoms of acne. Not having allergy to gluten, the best is to opt for whole grains containing chromium and improves beads.

Red meats: The excess fat foods can make conditions worse.

Chocolate and cakes: Best in moderation, as some people in some sweet sugar and excess acne condition worsens.

Nutrients allies

Foods rich in vitamins (A, C and E), due to its anti-inflammatory properties, protect cells from the skin of the effects of free radicals, while the infection and help protect the healing of pimples. Foods like peppers, citrus, pineapple, bananas, cauliflower, radish or celery, etc., should be part of our diet.

Minerals are other allies to have a healthy skin. Sulfur helps to improve the overall health of the skin, mineral found in onions and garlic. Zinc also takes care of our skin. Shellfish or eggs are two foods to consider. Combine asparagus, borage, figs, potatoes and eggplants will improve our skin appearance and texture.

Skin Hygiene

Pay special attention to hygiene, especially of the hands, to avoid contact of bacteria, to bring the hands to the face can infect the pores. To control the grain and prevent bacteria from spreading by the face, it is advisable to take action against acne. Use moisturizers with assets that have a barrier function, as well as products that regulate the creation of sebum and minimize pores, are an effective solution.