5 causes of belly button pain

Why hurt the navel? A discomfort in the belly button area that, precisely because unexpected, should not be underestimated. And the fact is that the pain located in this area in certain cases can be an indicative of some disorder that requires as soon as possible go to the doctor, such as appendicitis. When to worry for the inconveniences in the area of the belly button? Let’s look more closely; what are the 5 most common causes of belly button pain.

belly button pain


The appendicitis is one of the main reasons that attend the emergency physician with a pain localized in the area of the navel. The pain, initially mild, is intensifying and extending along the umbilical area. We must never underestimate this symptom, as the inflammation of the appendix can move very quickly and have severe health consequences if nothing is done.

Umbilical hernia

A disorder to which certain people are more vulnerable, such as those suffering from problems of overweight or obesity. It is also common in women after pregnancy. The most characteristic symptom is the sensation of pain by touching the navel, around which a small lump is formed. It also increases sensitivity when pressed.
It is advisable to consult the doctor as hernias require treatment to be painful and annoying.

Chronic constipation

There are many reasons that can cause chronic constipation – from an unbalanced diet or low in fiber to intestinal problems – although in some cases the discomfort can go on to bigger and feel a sense of discomfort and even pain in the navel area. The women, by the way, are more prone to constipation problems.


The diverticulitis is a disorder of the large intestine, more common as we become older. It is caused by the formation of small pouches, called diverticula, on the outside of the colon, which may ignite causing discomfort and pain sensation.


Navel pain is not always a symptom of a health problem, for example during pregnancy it is common that women notice certain increase of sensitivity or discomfort in the navel area. This is natural, because the growth of the belly that leads couple of stretching in the skin.