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5 natural remedies for occasional constipation

The changes of schedules, of routines and of feeding, without forgetting the jet lag when we undertake a long journey, can alter our pace and cause occasional constipation. Hence the importance of be cautious if we take a trip because the intestinal problems can ruin our plans. What to do to prevent occasional constipation? It is important to prevent before and during the journey, implementing a series of simple natural tips to avoid us a lot of trouble. Resorting to laxatives is not always the best solution, because we have natural remedies that can also be very effective.

occasional constipation

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Drink a lot of water

Caring for the hydration is essential, especially if you travel in summer or destinations with high temperatures. Yes, always bottled water. Drink little water, or do so only when we have thirst is a risk factor for constipation. It is advisable to take at least a half-liter of water every day. The infusions also help.

Foods with fiber

Follow a diet rich in fiber is a valid advice before and during the trip, as is an exceptional ally of our digestive and intestinal system. We can include nuts, cereal bars or dried fruit in the luggage bags. During the trips you have to watch what you eat, trying to choose dishes or menus with lots of veggies and fruits.

Avoid too fatty or spicy foods, as well as the too heavy meals.

Do not skip meals

During trips or holidays, we tend to skip meals times, arriving to peck rather than sit at the table. However, this is just what we should do if we have a tendency to constipation. Already in travel and holidays we tend to modify the routines, so we must respect as much as possible the schedules and the 5 meals a day. Thus, we keep regulated metabolism and intestinal system.

Do not forget exercise

Be traveling, especially on vacation, does not mean that you have to forget about the healthy habits. Lack of physical exercise promotes constipation, so it is advisable to include sports footwear in the suitcase and apparel to perform some activity every day.

Aloe vera tablets

The natural tablets made with aloe vera help regulate intestinal transit. Aloe vera also can be found in gel form, which is recommended to adding 2 tablespoons in the apple juice.