Mental Health

7 things you should start doing to take care of your mental health

In the same way that we take care of physical health it is necessary to take care of the mental health, because as we know the emotions influence, and much, on welfare. What to do to learn to enjoy the small things of every day without stress or strain?

When we do not dedicate time to take care of the mental health we can fall down in a situation of blockage, stress and negative ideas to be learned to avoid. Takes note of the 7 things you must do to take care for mental health.

take care mental health

To stay active

To keep us active brings benefits at physical and emotional level. Physical exercise, listening to music, gardening, hanging out with friends, read… the important thing is to contribute to our mind moments of recreation or, said otherwise, to derive the attention to something that brings to us well-being. Staying active is the best way to care for mental health and memory.

Avoid toxic people

Keep away the toxic people is advice to follow if we want to care mental health, because if there is something that characterizes this type of people is their ability to steal your energy, either by their attitude or their repeated attempts to manipulate. When it comes to personal relationships, whether in work or family environment, we must go for those who give us positive things.

Count up to ten

The patience, as it says the popular proverb, is the mother of science, and in this case we can apply it. And it is that losing temper or get carried away by negative emotions is not the best for our mental health.

It is important to learn to control impulses, especially when we are going through a stressful time and give a respite to the negative thoughts that can sometimes crowd in the head. Breathe, take a few minutes, count to ten, and directs the attention to something else that has nothing to do with disrupting you.

Visualize in positive

To allow going for the negative attitude is easy, but also it is harmful to the mental health because it steals energy from us and blocks us in the decision making.

The visualizations of positive images or give us determination are an ideal tool to counteract stress and blockages.

Focus on present moment

Happiness lies not in the morning, but in the present moment. Cultivate the ability to focus on the present – premise on which is based, for example, the mindfulness – allows enjoying more of the things. Live the present moment, as advice psychology experts, without allowing ourselves to be carried away by the rush, allows taking better use of the opportunities.

Another important aspect is not park for future those things that we like to do because we feel good. We tend to write on the agenda of tomorrow what we would like to do, often deferring opportunities.

Prevents the opinions of others that bother you

Need to be liked by everyone? Logically it is impossible, as a matter of empathy and incompatibility, falling well everyone around us. If we cling to what others think of us will end up undermining our personality. The premise is to feel good with you and, from there; it will be easier to please others.

Dedicate time

In the middle of the hyperactivity that can sometimes mark our daily life we cannot forget ourselves and the importance of devoting ourselves few minutes each day, although it is just a walk or take a relaxing bath. Otherwise, we run the risk of entering into a spiral of stress.