Cervical pain: Care and prevention

Some of the most everyday gestures, and repetitive, as prolonged use of the computer or fall asleep in an uncomfortable position, behind the neck pain, a nuisance that, with simple care and basic prevention measures, we can not only avoid but mitigated.

cervical pain

Symptoms such as stiffness or pain in the cervical region, extending in some cases to other areas of the body such as the arms are unmistakable signs of a cervical problem. Stress, anxiety or excessive worry can also increase muscle tension and thereby exacerbate the problem of the neck.

The overuse and poor posture, not to mention the stress and worry, are usually the main cause of injuries and pains in the cervical musculature. Everyone, at some point in life, suffered some sort of neck pain, and is in fact one of the most common reasons for medical consultation.

Massage or self-massage to the painful area may relieve discomfort and relax the neck. To this we must add some simple preventive measures in our power to adopt. Generally refers neck pain in a few days with proper treatment. However, if symptoms persist, even exacerbate, should make a further examination to determine whether neck pain hides some other health problem (herniated disc, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis …).

Preventive measures

First, it is advisable to identify the daily activities that we tighten the neck. From there, these are some tips to avoid and, if the muscle pain, combat the pain and discomfort. We face a hassle, although common, we must pay due attention, because otherwise we risk that the problem becomes chronic.

  • Make small breaks every thirty minutes to perform repetitive tasks, such as spending a lot of time on the computer, sewing…
  • At the time of purchase, pushes the cart when this very full forward, to tighten the neck less.
  • When you watch television, see that your back is recte and head have a support.
  • For the choice of sleeping pillow is not trivial. Try the pillow chosen is about eight inches for the column is recte. It is better to sleep on side.
  • To relieve muscle pain applied cold during the first 24 hours to reduce swelling and then heat to improve the contracture.
  • The self-massage to first and last hour of the day is a good complement to help relax the sore or injured area. Massage the area gently pressing the fingers of both hands (except the thumb) on both sides of the neck by circulatory movements. Continue down until you reach the base of the spine. Repeat the tour pinching with thumb and forefinger.
  • Performing physical exercise helps strengthen the neck muscles, though, when an injury or a nuisance, should start and stop when we have improved activity.