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An Overview of Acupuncture


Have you heard about acupuncture? If not, it is a special kind of alternative medicine which is very effective in treating some chronic diseases like anxiety, depression, mood disorder, and hypertension. This article will give you a general idea about acupuncture so that you can understand this effective ancient medical treatment.


What Exactly Is Acupuncture All About?

When it comes to acupuncture, it is a high quality ancient Chinese medical treatment. First, acupuncture originated in China. Chinese medical treatments and therapies are generally based upon the theory of meridians and points. According to Chinese medical science, the subtle body structure of a man is based on the system of meridians and points.

When it comes to meridians, they are imperceptible to human eyes. However, in reality, meridians are a vital energy path. If there is any blockage or disturbance in the flow of Qi, then it may cause chronic illness to develop. Acupuncture is a treatment that specifically works in controlling and balancing the flow of Qi, therefore restoring the body from illness. This ancient Chinese treatment works successfully by stimulating the points with acupuncture needles.

Different Types of Techniques and Tools for Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture needles are very flexible and typically measure 15 mm-20 mm in length. They are 0.12-0.35 mm in diameter. These very thin needles are as thin as human hair. Different acupuncture needles are carefully applied to different parts of the human body. For example, thin and short acupuncture needles can be cautiously used on ear points to treat chronic pain. Several online stores offer acupuncture needles to their customers at affordable prices.

As soon as these thin, short needles are inserted into the body, there may be a little pain and throbbing, but one should not feel any stress while these thin needles remain in the body. These needles are often kept in the body for approximately 15 minutes, depending on the physical condition and fitness level of the individual. After that, the therapist will apply heat and pulse electricity on those thin and short needles. Ultimately, you will feel an enormous relief following an acupuncture therapy.

The Acupuncture Treatment Process

First, the client lies down on a table. Then the therapist will insert the acupuncture needles in the client’s body. The therapist will have to keep in his or her mind the value of correct angles, directions, and depth of needle placement because they are necessary for a successful treatment. A good therapist knows how to diagnose chronic illnesses and treat them properly. Thin and short needles will be kept in the patient’s body for 15 minutes. Therapists will also use their fingers to rotate the needles left and right for two minutes to stimulate the points correctly.

Why Should I Choose Acupuncture?

If you experience stress, anxiety, mood disorder, hypertension, and depression, it would be in your best interest and your benefit to experience ancient Chinese acupuncture massage treatment immediately.