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Infusions to relieve menstrual pain

What natural remedies help to relieve period pain? Infusions, among other properties and benefits, can also help reduce the intensity of unpleasant symptoms that accompany before and during menstruation.

infusion for relieve menstrual pain

Infusion of white tea with orange blossom

white tea and orange blossom relieve period pain and fight so annoying sensation of swelling prior to the onset of menstruation. By taking this tea will forget you have the period. For the preparation we need a teaspoon of white tea, 6 dried blossom flowers and ice cubes (optional). Add white tea and orange blossom to a cup of boiling water, let stand 3 minutes and filtered. Sweeten to taste and add a few ice cubes. Take a cup after each main meal.

Infusion of mugwort

This plant acts as an excellent hormone regulator. Combined with shepherd’s purse, combat period very abundant and excessively short menstrual cycles. For the preparation we need half teaspoon mugwort, half teaspoon of shepherd’s purse. Add plant to a cup of boiling water, let stand a few minutes, strain and sweeten with honey. It may take 2 times a day, morning and before bedtime.

The mugwort, mixed with lemongrass, good for promoting the beginning of the period when there is a delay. In this case, mix 20 grams mugwort with lemongrass and simmer for 10 minutes.

Infusion of woodruff fragrant

This plant, among other applications, is used to with good results in relieving menstrual pain and away the feeling of sadness after at beginning of period. It also has soothing and diuretic properties. To prepare the tea, use a teaspoon of this plant per cup of water. Mix with passionflower and linden helps fight insomnia.

Infusion of chamomile

Plants of the anti-inflammatory effect, relaxing and antispasmodic, such as chamomile, have the ability to soothe the painful puncture of the uterus. Chamomile also helps reduce nervous tension and irritability that some women suffer from the early days of the period. To prepare the infusion need a tablespoon of chamomile, half lemon juice and orange blossom honey. Add chamomile to a cup of boiling water, let stand a few minutes and filtered. Add the lemon juice and sweeten. The infusion takes between 2-3 times per day, well hot to make greater effect. If the hormonal changes also cause insomnia, take the infusion before sleep without lemon.

Infusion of feverfew

Among other possibilities, feverfew is also used, from Roman times, in order to promote the onset of menstruation and to relieve the tension of the period. To prepare infusion use a tablespoon in per cup of water. It can be taken three times a day.