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Anxiety: how to react in a timely attack

Having an anxiety or panic attack at any particular time of our life is quite common and can occur in any situation where stress exceeds us and not be able to control the situation.


Family crises, a problem at work or studies are enough reasons for us to give an anxiety attack in a specific moment, so we know how to react to these circumstances. It’s not something serious if it happens only occasionally, and when you consider some recommendations will be easy to control.

Anxiety is a natural condition of our body that occurs as emotional response to a situation that we see that we cannot control. The problem is beyond us and we start to feel a panic attack which, normally, when something specific, can be easily controlled.

Not knowing how to overcome fears, such as we jump on a plane, too much office work or college, etc.., are situations that we can create an anxiety attack timely. But do not worry because this is easily solved.

The first thing to do is be aware that we are suffering from anxiety or panic attack, which is not serious in spite of the fact that you run a bad moment. Keep in mind that these situations do not last more than five minutes and repeat to yourself that you will.

Be distracted doing other things like look at something outside or other activities such as walking or talking to someone who have close to accompany you in this trance and you can talk about what is happening to you.

We control breathing and avoid hyperventilation because in these situations what usually happens is that we begin to have a hasty, shallow breathing. This looking for a quiet place to relax and practice some breathing techniques such as:

  • Breathing through one nostril while the other covers with the finger.
  • Join the lips to breathe as if it were blowing some birthday candles.
  • Breathing using a bag with which we cover the mouth and nose and breathe inside.

Gradually you will realize that the worst is over and although it has been an unpleasant situation and you don’t have to worry about. But although it has been within a few minutes, take your time before returning to resume what you were doing and you don’t push too in those moments.

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