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Are oil diffusers dangerous?

The use of essential oil diffusers for the purpose for which it is made should not be dangerous. Oil diffusers are meant to be used to disperse essential oils to the atmosphere for the benefits of the body, soul and the mind. The use of diffusers should not cause any problem or harm and therefore, should not be dangerous, both to humans and animals (pets); for those of us that keep pets in their homes.

oil diffusers

The reed diffusers, in particular, have some sticks put in a narrow long necked bottle of liquid – essential oil. The bottle that sits on the table could be accessible to children who out of curiosity can decide to play with the bottle. Breaking the diffuser bottle or hitting another child or even self can be harmful to the child and cause injury.

Are the oil diffusers dangerous?

Another angle that this can be dangerous or harmful is if the content is swallowed by the child. Some essential oils like lavender contain alcohol, and this could be very dangerous for the health of the child who swallows the content. It can cause drowsiness, irritation of the mouth, stomach upset, seizures and tremors. This is also applicable to adults and pets in the home. The reason is, reed diffusers are not covered and are exposed.

The long stick inserted into the reed diffuser bottle can also cause injury to the children and adults alike. The pets are not left out too, the sticks that are inserted into the reed diffuser bottle are soaked with the essential oils. If a child or pet puts that in the mouth, there would be reactions, both in the mouth and worse still if the content gets to rub on the skin, as some essential oils are toxic. To avoid all of these dangers of the oil diffuser, it is better to have it in a sealed bottle to avoid the children and pets getting to drink or eat them.

Diffusers won’t cause any danger or harm to the body. Hence, the important thing to do is to choose a diffuser that is safe and can be easily managed. Most often, the electric diffusers are better and safer to use, both at home and in the offices. The reason being that the electric diffusers are automatic in operation.

All you need to do is put in the right and adequate amount of essential oils, do the settings up and plug into the power source. By so doing, no matter the height you place the oil diffuser, when the time comes for it to go off, or when the water in the plastic container is finishing, the auto shut off feature would shut off the diffuser. There is no need going to and fro to put it on or off as the case may be.