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Athlete’s foot: Symptoms, causes and remedies

The athlete’s foot is the name that defines a fungal infection that can affect anyone, whether an athlete or not. A fungus which attacks the skin of the foot is responsible for giving rise to a pervasive and equally contagious infection. But we are going to see more closely what it is, the symptoms, causes and the most effective treatments.

athletes foot

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The causes

It is called athlete’s foot because it is particularly prevalent among people who play sports or go often to swimming pools and gyms. This disorder is a contagious infection caused by the presence of a fungus that grows on fingers. Also known as tinea pedis, athlete’s foot is a ringworm caused by dermatophyte fungi that slip through fingers to attack the skin. Among the factors that predispose to its occurrence are sweating, heat and humidity that form in these spaces of the lower limbs.


The symptoms are obvious and are difficult to ignore. Between the toes, the skin is characterized by its redness, with the presence of foul-smelling, whitish and humid zones, flaking and cracking. The symptoms tend to spread rapidly: initially the infection affects the toes of one foot but safer than the other also being affected. The infection is also likely to spread to other areas of the feet.


The treatment of this type of infection is mainly based on the use of specific drugs, antifungal drugs for local or systemic action. In the first case, it is possible to apply in the affected zones antifungal products in the form of sprays, creams, or powders. This option is preferred when the infection is in the initial stage and the symptoms are localized and therefore the infection has not spread too much. Systemic therapy, however, is usually prescribed by the doctor when fungi are widespread. It is based on oral administration of antifungal drugs.

In addition to drugs, we have some other useful allies to relieve symptoms and discomfort, as some natural remedies. The thyme and lavender, bicarbonate, calendula and aloe, with beneficial antiseptic actions and soothing, which can be used as ingredients in a foot bath or applying locally on the affected areas.