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Pain and tenderness in the chest during the period: How do I reduce it?

Do you have pain in your chest in the days before or during the menstrual period? It is one of the most common physical symptoms and we can relieve implementing some simple remedies.

tenderness in the chest

There are some types of mammary glands that are more susceptible to the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle. The breasts enlarge and produce pain, being the hard surrounding tissue, especially when moving the arms. Your skin becomes so sensitive that simple contact with bra can cause discomfort. This is not bad or indicates increased risk of breast disease, but can be converted an uncomfortable nuisance most of the time can be successfully treated without resorting to complicated treatments.

The breast discomfort usually appear around 7-10 days before menstruation, thus reducing appears when the menstruation.

What can we do? Let’s see some simple tips and natural remedies that will help us prevent and relieve pain and sensitivity.


  1. Among the tips to reduce discomfort before and during menstruation is advisable to follow a balanced diet, reducing caffeine, alcohol and sweets, because it contains methylxanthine, promote the dilation of blood vessels which causes the accumulation of fluid in the chest and major sensation of pain.
  2. Reduce the salt content because it promotes fluid retention. Meanwhile, we must increase the amount of complex carbohydrates (vegetables, cereals) and protein (fish, meat). It is also important to increase the intake of vitamin B (especially B1 and B6), D and E, present in fruits, vegetables or nuts.
  3. Include diuretic foods in the diet is also good advice, as artichokes, asparagus or fruits like watermelon. By favoring the elimination of liquids, will make us feel less bloated during these days.
  4. Another natural remedy is to drink cranberry juice, a fruit rich in antioxidants, but especially with diuretic effects, which makes it a top ally during menstruation.
  5. Take a relaxing bath with hot water, especially late in the day, helps to release tension and promotes relaxation.
  6. Another tip is to use comfortable underwear these days, as the clips without rings.
  7. Walking and exercising without straining the muscles helps reduce stress, irritability and, at the same time relieve breast tenderness.
  8. If it is not contraindicated, can relieve discomfort with some anti-inflammatory, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Also help applying heat to the area.