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Aviophobia: fear of flying

The plane has opened a sea of possibilities when it comes to travel, especially over long distances, because thanks to it in much less time we can reach anywhere in the world. It is the safest means of transport, although it is also true that a plane crash tends to have consequences far more catastrophic than other media.


But as it is most likely the biggest fear people have, to the point that there are people who are suffering aviophobia, which is being unable to get on a plane without being pass really bad.

While some people when flying on an airplane are only concerned about the jet lag that we will have by the time difference, there are others who suffer with just the thought of having to get on a plane. This fear or phobia of planes is known by the name of aviophobia, which means fear of flying.

Fear of flying can be generated for various reasons but all tend to be in a mental cause. That is, some people’s imagination leads them to think about all the problems that can have an aircraft when flying over thousands of miles of land and the anguish and fear that prevents them from entering be quiet during the flight.

These thoughts can go from who believe that the aircraft may be without petrol in the middle of nowhere and fall, breaking some of the pieces, which the turbulence may be too strong and/or loss of control of aircraft, or even associate a sad event with the fact of traveling.

The fear of flying is not manifested equally in all people and that we must just feel some nervousness and respect boarding the plane, which are passed from the time they know they will catch a plane (although this is within months) distressed and thinking about what might happen or even to them that they can give an anxiety attack.

The fear of getting on a plane may also result from other types of phobias that can be associated, such as claustrophobia, which is the fear of enclosed spaces, so that a person suffering from this phobia would be unable to be in such a small place like an airplane, or acrophobia, which is the fear of heights, and flying is one of the highest heights a person can reach.

Luckily this problem has a solution and there are many airlines that offer courses that educate the people in the world of the operation of an aircraft so that they can see that their fears are unfounded and that there is no much risk as they believe. A basis for learning or other more aggressive techniques, such as skydiving, many people have been able to overcome aviophobia.

Don’t let the fear of the plane to prevent you know world, keep important appointments from work or reacquaint yourself with people who live thousands of miles away.

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