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Kidney stones: Diet, key to prevent its formation

Kidney stones are one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. Can it be prevented? Yes, and in a very natural way, through diet, this in addition to being balanced must be accompanied by adequate hydration, essential to improve the function of the kidneys. And it is precisely a diet low in liquids and low in fiber are two of the dietary causes that can cause kidney stones.

prevent kidney stones

What are kidney stones? It can be defined as deposits of substances (usually mineral salts) that, although normally found dissolved in the urine, can accumulate in the kidneys and cause the appearance of what we know as grit.

This is expelled in a natural way through the urine, but when this grit size increases appear the dreaded kidney stones. Kidney stones may interfere with the normal functioning of this organ. Common estimates are those formed uric acid or calcium oxalate.

The role of diet

The diet not only play a crucial role in preventing this and other health problems, but dietary habits are directly related to the formation of kidney stones. Eating little fluid and a diet low in fiber and, in time, too rich in protein, salt and oxalate (mineral salts that are present in some vegetables), may favor its appearance. But there are more risk factors, such as family history, the administration of certain drugs, or some specific alterations of the kidney. With respect to the prevalence of this disease, the most common related to the urinary tract, is three men per woman.

Although in most cases, kidney stones are excreted through the urine, in other intervention is necessary since the calculations can be deposited in the kidney or urinary tract, blocking the flow of urine and causing pain, among other problems.

Follow a balanced diet and increase your intake of water are two essential keys to prevent the formation of stones or kidney stones. With higher daily urine volume is reduced salt concentration and facilitates entrainment of grit. Eject the urine is a fundamental process for removing waste products. With a good supply of water, improves the function of the kidneys, the blood is purified better and reduces risk of formation of kidney stones.

Kidney stones: Phytotherapy

In addition to the recommendations to follow a balanced and healthy diet, the phytotherapy (herbal medicine) also gives us some interesting natural ally to help the reduction and removal stone or gravel, while helping to prevent them from forming again. It is the case, for example, herniaria plant. The elder and also ponytail diuretic properties are attributed.

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