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Seasonal Allergies: Try Acupuncture

As a complementary method for pathology such as allergic rhinitis drug treatment (antihistamine), whose most frequent symptoms include runny nose and blocked nose. Seasonal allergies, although the drugs will relieve the symptoms, can be very uncomfortable. For this reason, patients who suffer seek other alternatives to enhance treatment and improve their quality of life.

seasonal allergies

The allergy can be defined as an overreaction of our immune system to certain factors. A reaction to allergens (pollens, foods, drugs, animals) or a hypersensitivity to a substance that is inhaled ingested or touched.

In the case of seasonal allergies such as allergic rhinitis can be very annoying. Among its symptoms, runny nose and nose plugging, this can be treated with antihistamines. However, although the treatments help relieve symptoms, some patients seek alternative therapies to reinforce them, and among them, acupuncture, an ancient technique that is based on stimulating the anatomical points and ensuring that can help improve symptoms of allergies.

Allergies caused by plants

Spring is possibly the most unexpected season for allergy sufferers, especially after a rainy winter, since the higher presence of moisture in the soil will be the greatest flowering of grasses, olive and plane trees, so that the symptoms of allergies can be aggravating (itching, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes). We must also take into account other factors that may exacerbate or multiply the effects of pollen, such as pollution in urban areas, greenest spaces or being in contact with animal hair (especially cat). Factors that may aggravate the symptoms.

When do symptoms appear? People suffering from allergies do not usually attend consultation when the first symptoms appear, but when they become more intense, something that can go several seasons later. At first, it is also true that some symptoms can be confused with a cold, but others are very characteristic of allergies, such as itchy eyes and throat.

To confirm the symptoms, and the plant or factor that triggers the allergy, you must perform a series of skin tests. Having a diagnosis is important to apply the most appropriate treatment, counting at this time with latest generation antihistamines medications that help to reduce symptoms effectively and better cope with allergies, which can interfere with performance.

Diagnosis is important not only to combat the allergy symptoms but to control the development of the disease, which in turn can translate to prevent the onset of asthma. During times of the year with the highest pollination, in cases of allergies, experts recommend avoiding the practice of outdoor activities, opting for the interior spaces for physical activities or sports.

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