Diabetes: Infusions to lower the sugar

Did you know that some plants taken in tea may help regulate blood glucose? The diabetes is a disorder that requires treatment and, although it may manifest in a silent way, should be attentive to the signals sent by our body. Family history, suffering from overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle or follow a poor diet are some of the risk factors of diabetes. This disorder involves special care for feeding to avoid sudden increases or decreases of sugar. Among the natural allies to lower the sugar includes the infusions. What is allowed? And what are its benefits?

infusion for diabetes

Infusions allowed for diabetics

Eucalyptus: The plants take care of our health, and in this case those allowed include eucalyptus. To prepare an infusion add a handful of eucalyptus leaves in water and bring to boil for a few minutes. Let stand, strain and drink a cup of tea every day.

Oregano: Another option is to take an infusion of oregano, to which are added 2 tablespoons in a cup of hot water. You can take one cup every day.

Ginger: The ginger, among its benefits, it also helps lower blood sugar. The most effective is to prepare it in decoction. Boil for five minutes on the content of a cup of water and take half an hour before meals.

Nettle: Nettle infusions are also recommended, for which must be added 25 grams of nettle root in a half liter water until boiling. Keep on low heat for a few minutes, let stand before filtering and take.

Walnut: With walnut leaves we can prepare an infusion, leaving them boil in water for about 20 minutes. Filter and leave in the refrigerator until cool. It can take hot or cold throughout the day.

In addition to the infusions, we can resort to other remedies, such as watercress, with which we can prepare a drink. In this case, we add a handful of watercress in a glass of water and spend it for the blender.