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Diet for Great Dental Health

Having great dental health does not come automatically. You need to put in a little bit of effort for your teeth to look as healthy as possible. Taking care of your teeth does not mean that you need to brush many times a day. Twice a day is perfect. In fact, as you may guess, diet is a very important part of dental hygiene and dental health. Some of you may be surprised but others would have realized this. Both a good diet and dental care are necessary.

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Eat a Healthy Diet Always!

When we say diet helps in having good dental health, we mean that a bad diet will definitely spark off dental damage and that will be the start of your problems.

Avoid Eating Sugar Rich Foods Often

Eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates and sugar is bad for the teeth. This is because every time you bite into such foods, the bacterium that resides in your mouth begins converting it into acidic substances. These wear down and work on the enamel of your teeth which over time can result in you suffering from cavities. Enamel has the role of protecting your teeth with its hard coating.

Thinning of the enamel layer is the first step to getting cavities. Having acidic foods and fruits also create problems for your teeth for the same reason. If you’re eating acidic fruits like oranges or lemonade or having sugar rich foods, you should definitely remember to rinse your mouth well with water or at least have a sip of water to wash it down. This removes any loose food particles or acidic residues that may have collected in your mouth while eating these foodstuffs.

Drink Water Often

Having clean water is great not just for your body but also for your teeth. This is not surprising because water dilutes any acidic environment. So a dose of it would do great for your dental health. It is advisable to drink a glass of water a few minutes after every meal. This will also help with digestion.

Eat Greens!

You should eat more foods that do not stick to the teeth when chewed and crunchy foods fit the bill. Foods like spinach, broccoli, sprouts and other healthy veggies will do great for your health as well as your teeth because they do not contain as much sugar and will also not form a coating on the enamel once your meal is done. Also try to eat more foods that have high water content. This will again benefit your tooth health.

Once you get your diet under control, you should also visit the dentist at least once a year in case there’s still a problem. Every person is different and you may still have some dental issues even if you do everything right which a good dentist can identify and set right easily.