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First Aid: 10 most common mistakes

Who has not resorted to home remedies and first aid? However, not all customs or remedies help us solve the problem. Let’s see what the 10 most common mistakes are and how to act to find real relief to some of the ailments frequently.

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Some of the home remedies, how to apply mud to wasp stings, put head between legs in case of dizziness or use toothpaste for burns, among many others – are not as effective as, over time, we thought. Some of the home remedies or cures, passed down from generation to generation, in some cases, would not a clinical trial. In other words, they are wrong and do not provide solutions.

Errors to give first aid

Let’s debunk some of the myths that could be considered the 10 most common mistakes:

Put head between legs in case of dizziness: A position that we took to lower the blood to the brain, however, in medical terms, does not help the system responsible for maintaining balance and stability (vestibular system). In case of sickness, a low blood sugar, for example, it is advisable to lie down with the legs in high for blood to flow to the heart.

Bicarbonate to ease the pain of stomach: Resorting to bicarbonate when present heartburn or pain may involve risks such as unbalance the water and mineral content of the body (sodium, calcium, potassium …), risk factor for neural and cardiac problems. Bicarbonate, as stress specialists, has no analgesic effect, so in case of stomach pain is better to consult your doctor to determine the exact cause and apply the most appropriate treatment.

Mud for wasp stings: Just what not to do, and for two reasons. First, the clay has no anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties. Second, we can cause an infection, since the soil of the ground may be contaminated by bacteria (for example, tetanus).

Raise the head or nose with the cotton plug if nosebleed: Cotton, as porous material, can remove threads that adhere to the nose and can cause infection. Lifting the head is not only good but can be very dangerous. Looking up, the blood is transferred to the mouth and pharynx, which can facilitate passage airway and cause choking.

Apply toothpaste on burns: The toothpaste is not an anti-inflammatory and has healing effect, so it should not be used for burns. In addition, we run the risk to expose the lesion to infection.

Clean the wound directly with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide: It is best to wash the wound with soap and water or saline, as both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide applied directly on the wound, it can cause a reaction and damage the tissue skin. With this, your healing will be slower. After washing, dry with gauze.

Place an object in the mouth if seizure: One of the most common when reactions respond to epileptic seizure. This remedy is used to avoid that person is bite the tongue. Well, according to experts, is useless, no longer has an anticonvulsant effect, and can also cause choking if mistakenly enters the respiratory tract. In the case of epileptic seizure should prevent damage to the person who is suffering by any nearby object. The most convenient thing to do is lay it down on the floor, side.

Using alcohol to relieve toothache: Nor has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, so drink alcohol before a toothache is not the remedy. What you need to do is go to the dentist.

Apply heat for earache: Heat, in fact, has the opposite to the desired effect, and is that you can promote inflammation to a pain in the ears.

Bandage the foot or hand with a twist: Beware if you do not know any place properly, because we can cause further injury. Faced with a twist, you have to know how to position correctly or damaged member to immobilize it.