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Home remedies to cure otitis

The otitis is a hearing ailment that can not only be very annoying, but can become chronic if not treated properly. To supplement recommended by the physician to cure otitis treatment, here’s a selection of natural remedies that will help to relieve symptoms.

relieve otitis

The otitis is a disease of adults and children, usually caused by excessive mucus (colds and flu) in the tube that connects the nose and you may end up damaging the ear.

If you have discomfort in your ears, you have to consult with a doctor, especially if the ear draining, if no episodes of fever and pain or if feel plugged ears or under pressure. Natural remedies can help relieve symptoms and speed healing of otitis, being a good complement to medical treatments that sometimes you need to follow.

Home remedies to relieve otitis

Let’s see some of the natural and home remedies that can be very effective in relieving and alleviating the symptoms of otitis:

Propolis to mitigate infections

Especially in the case of children, propolis syrups, echinacea and thyme (antiseptic) prevent ear infections and speed recovery in case of otitis. If the preparation also includes licorice, helps reduce inflammation.

Calendula against earache

One of the best known to relieve the pain of otitis is to mix olive oil with marigold petals, plantain and mullein remedies. Let the mixture marinate for a few hours and then filtered. Warms the prepared in a bath and apply a few drops on a cotton ball. Lay it in the ear. You can repeat several times a day.

Lavender for otitis externa

Although this is a more common otitis in summer (for seawater or pool) is usually very effective in treating otitis externa. Pour two drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and apply it in the ear.

Onion and Olive Oil

Two ingredients, surely, you always have on hand. Heat the outer layers of two onions in olive oil. Remove and let cool. Next, it immerses cotton in the prepared one. Drain it and place it on the affected ear.

Applying heat is one of the traditional remedies to reduce earache. To do this, we can heat in the microwave a cushion filled with seeds – you can find them in natural food stores, herbalists, and place it on the affected ear. Another option is to make your own pad, with bones of cherry, as they concentrate the heat too long.

Another home remedy that can be effective is ironing a towel and washcloth fill of salt, to apply it on the sore ear and reduce discomfort.

Therefore, if you start being a mild discomfort not forwards, always goes to the doctor, since it is the best way to reduce the chance of discomfort from reappearing and, even, the problem becomes chronic, with severe damage to the ear.