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How To Choose The Right Medical Couch For You

If you’re looking to invest in a couch for any kind of medical purpose, you might find that it is a much more difficult process than you initially thought. This is because there are dozens of examples of couches designed specifically for medical use out there, and choosing the right one for you will often demand that you very closely examine a set of options. In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular of these options to help give you a clearer understanding of where to start.

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Consider the adjustability of your couch

If you’re looking to invest in a treatment couch, one of the best places to start when choosing the right model is the height of the couch itself. If you need to quickly adjust the height of your couch on a very regular basis, you should look to investing in either a hydraulic or electric couch, as this compatibility can help you adjust the couch to any height you need on the fly, whenever you need to for certain patients of treatments.

Although these couches can be very useful, they are far more expensive than their fixed price counterparts and as such, they might not be fitting for those on a budget. They are also very difficult to move and transport due to their considerable weight, so if this is a need for you, it’s best to instead go for a fixed height couch as well.

Although fixed couch options might have less compatibility, they certainly shouldn’t be discounted by those looking to buy a medical couch – fixed height couches are highly affordable and if you know the height you want, they are the best option in many cases.

Other options you might want to consider

If you’re intending to get a couch for medical treatment purposes, there are a few more considerations you’ll need to make to ensure you get the optimal product for you.

The width is another important option to consider, as finding a balance is often a very important aspect of therapy. As width is always preferable on paper for the comfort of a patient, increasing this width to too high a degree can mean that a therapist or specialist has to lean over to an uncomfortable degree to attend to the patient, and doing this all day can often mean trouble for the therapist (unless they are very tall, of course).

If your therapy requires it, incorporating a face hole may also be an important consideration when choosing your couch. Although there are couches that can be fitted with a face hole at the end of the couch, these aren’t as strong as those embedded in the main body of the couch, so regular use of a face hole should mean that more permanent options are chosen.

What couch is right for you?

There are quite a few options that need to be considered when you are looking to purchase a new couch for therapy purposes, but closely considering your needs should help to a considerable degree in helping you decide what you need to invest in to make your job as easy as possible. Your budget will also play a factor in this, but just keep in mind that a couch for medical purposes is an investment.