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How to get a job in medical assistance without experience

Physician assistants are health care professionals who are responsible for the rights of front-and back-office. They work in hospitals, private doctors’ offices, health clinics, nursing homes and other medical facilities.

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To become a medical assistant, complete an accredited program and obtain certification. Accredited certification programs can be found at community colleges and technical schools. Its usually consist of two years or one year. Some certification programs are available on a part time basis, which typically take two years to complete. Associate degrees in health care should generally be completed full-time, although some will offer part-time during evenings and weekends. When you are certified and ready to apply jobs, follow these guidelines to get interviews.


Work while you complete your internship. Most physician assistant programs require you to complete a certain number of hours in a medical office or other to gain practical experience as a medical assistant before completing the program. Use this time not only to learn to work as a medical assistant in the real world, but to connect with your coworkers. If you really enjoy your position, ask if there are any open positions for medical assistants on site. You may be able to get a job where you did your internship after completing your program and obtaining your certification, in order to show your dedication to your work and offer to take extra work from time to time to help your co-workers.

Apply for jobs that do not require previous experience. Lack of experience can put you at a disadvantage compared with more experienced candidates. You can do this with great references, school achievement and related experience as a hospital volunteer or other community service.

Apply for jobs in various fields. Medical assistant jobs can be found in many places other than hospitals and private practices. Look jobs for doctors or medical assistant in low-income clinics, women’s resource centers, prisons, urgent care centers, pharmaceutical companies, medical research laboratories and insurance companies.

Get to the interview early and well groomed. Also, practice your interview skills. These are essential to get a job in health care. If you seem uninterested and you lack adequate communication skills, the interviewer can not give your resume a second look.

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