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Hypertension: Risks to ignore the diagnosis

Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. The real health problem stems from not having a diagnosis, ignore symptoms that alert us that something is wrong. A health problem which, in some cases, can be controlled simply by changing our eating habits and lifestyle.


Lack of physical exercise, unbalanced diet, excessive consumption of salt, stress or problems of obesity are some of the factors that make us more vulnerable to suffering from high blood pressure (HBP), the pathology that the specialists already beginning to be known as the silent epidemic of the twenty-first century.

An adjective that is given because of hypertension, unless severe, are not always aware of your presence and because they can treat it seriously jeopardize our health. Hypertension, in fact, is one of the major risk factors for heart diseases (heart failure, stroke, and angina) and cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke. Hypertension can also be behind a problem of kidney failure or eye problems (affecting the retina). In some cases, hypertension may be accompanied by headaches, nervousness, anxiety state or spontaneous nosebleeds.

When there is a problem of high blood pressure? When, in medical terms, our blood pressure has values above 140 mmHg for systolic pressure (or maximum) and 90 for diastolic pressure (or minimum). Arterial tension, with regular checks, we can keep balanced. And is that this is a health problem that is in our hands to prevent, as our habits and lifestyle can significantly influence their values. Prevention through awareness and know the risks that we expose ourselves if we neglect our blood pressure.

Among the habits to take care of food plays an exceptional role. In fact, sometimes, just check our dietary habits to keep blood pressure under control, for example, investing in our diet with fresh foods for fruits and vegetables and reduced consumption of fats and salt.

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