Low back pain: Why does and how to prevent it?

Low back pain can be defined as pain that occurs when the spine complaint, being multiple causes of its appearance. It is disorders that undermine our mobility, usually temporarily, and not easily escape.

low back pain

In fact, according to doctors, 8 of every 10 people will suffer from at some point in their lifetime back pain. It is the only data which confirms its high prevalence, it is considered, after the cold, as the health problem that causes more absenteeism.

Low back pain, though not usually reverse greater severity, is one of the problems that affect our spine and, therefore, our mobility and physical ability, with greater frequency. The data speaks for itself.

Although experts suggest that the causes of low back pain before 45 can respond to many causes, its do point in a special way in one direction, and risk factors that have little to do with the habits and life style. Lack of physical exercise is not just a bad habit, but it can be a risk factor for low back pain and weight problems or obesity, the habit of snuff or inappropriate postures that we adopt, for example, in front of computer.

At our backs and in particular to our column, there are always special attention, not always when sends us signals that something is not right, that is to say, when it complain. Prevention is synonymous with healthy habits, such as following a balanced diet, take care positions (postural hygiene labor), physical exercise regularly and avoids the consumption of snuff. Tips that are in our hands to promote and adopt, not only for the benefit of our backs, but our overall health.

But there are other causes that may be behind the lower back pain, especially when we are facing a chronic pain, such as a problem of the vertebral column or organs that surrounding to the column itself (pancreas, kidneys). There may also be other reasons, in this case, trauma (fractures), tumor or infectious.

The main symptom of back pain, as its name suggests, is the pain, which appears persistently in the lower lumbar region (back of the waist area) and is often triggered when standing. When you lie down, the pain usually subsides. In more severe cases can erode the quality of life of those who suffer it.

Low back pain or sciatica: Is it the same?
Back pain refers to pain, sciatica while regards the sciatic nerve and is due to an understanding of some of its nerve or nerve roots. Low back pain cannot be associated with sciatic pain.

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