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Migraine: Question of emotions

Influences, sometimes a lot, in our daily lives and have the ability to alter our nervous system. Stress, anxiety and tension can trigger migraine, a type of headache that is characterized by an intense headache, which can be disabling and get together with other ailments such as nausea and vomiting. And not only emotions should also watch your diet.


Not only stress, any emotion can influence our routine and our health. Emotions, in particular, can alter our nervous system. In fact, muscle tension and joint locks may be behind migraines episodes, intense headache, depending on their intensity and frequency can be disabling to perform daily tasks. Emotions retained, as experts say, may make us more vulnerable to this disorder and worsen symptoms. Among them, in addition to the headache, there may be other as vomiting or nausea.

Although the headaches can be a severe health problem, the truth is that it is one of the diseases, most undervalued and not always diagnosed. The headache is often perceived as a blip, sometimes that we do not give due importance. Headache is tends to be considered as a temporary problem, on occasions that we do not give due weight. Between headaches, migraine, but there are other types, such as the cluster headache, tension-type headache or chronic pain. The World Health Organization, WHO, included among the twenty most disabling diseases.

The anxiety and depression are the most common diseases that is associated with migraine, but it is important to have a diagnosis to know with certainty the characteristics and causes of migraine in each patient. Behind the migraine can be more than an emotional or an episode of acute stress.

Habits or lifestyle can interfere. Thus, an unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet, smoking – can make us more vulnerable to recurrent headaches. In the most severe cases, a patient may be suffering from one to three times of migraines a month, which can be very disabling. If there is a pattern in crises, or the pain last for hours or days without symptoms respond to treatment should consult with your doctor.

Migraine: The role of diet

What we eat, specifically foods rich in histamine can cause migraine surprise us. And it is that scholars have begun to emphasize the need to pay attention to the diet in cases of migraines. The food histaminosis occurs to accumulate in the organism histamine, a substance that can cause inflammation of the brain vessels. Milk, wheat and eggs are some of the foods to be checked in the diet, but experts suggest that histamine may also increase as a result of stress or sudden temperature changes.

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