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Melanoma: Sun exposure triggers the cases

The numbers do not lie. In the last decade, the prevalence of melanoma from sun exposure has increased by 50%. The caseload has increased from 30 to a hundred. But experts also warn that melanoma can appear after 35, likely to increase if, during childhood, we have exposed too and without protection in the sun. The skin has a memory, although burns, sunstroke or redness may have occurred years ago.


The incidence of melanoma diagnoses by exposure to the sun continues to rise, with an increase of up to 50% in the last ten years. While melanoma is uncommon to appear in childhood and adolescence, it is precisely the burns and sunburns suffered during these years that more the chances of developing skin cancer by becoming older.

Similarly remember the important role of the early detection and, in this case, increases the cure rate of 95%. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun without protection, and self-examination of moles, are two of the preventive measures to keep our skin safe from skin problems.

Sun exposure in an inappropriate way and, in particular ultraviolet radiation, is, as stress specialists, the main cause of occurrence of melanoma. Skin tumor may appear in any area of the body, such as an alteration of the skin or with changes in the appearance of existing moles and freckles. Moles that change in shape, size and color, turning to be asymmetric, heterogeneous, with the jagged edges and a diameter of more than six millimeters. If we notice any changes in our moles it is advisable to consult a doctor.

The increase in the number of cases not only has to do with sun exposure, but also with the increase of people want to stay tanned for a longer period of time. The care of our skin is not only important during the warmer months, but throughout the year.

As for the effects of sun, specialists have also remembered that some medications – antibiotics, contraceptives, anti-inflammatory, can lead to a reaction of the skin against the sun. For this reason, if we are some kind of medication, before taking sun should read the prospectus. If any caution symbol – a sun, a cloud – must be used the protector or sunscreen with the highest factor.

Last but not least important, and stressing the importance of prevention to reduce the numbers of melanoma, remember that each skin-depending on our skin protype or capacity to absorb solar radiation, requires a type of sunscreen. Also keep in mind when choosing a cream the age, the time of day and location of sun exposure.

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