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Natural remedies for urinary tract infection

The urinary tract infection is the most common cystitis. It is estimated, according to medical data that 2 out of 10 young women with cystitis have recurrent infections. To keep the problem, it is desirable to follow a series of hygiene basic dietary guidelines:

urinary tract infection remedies

Frequent and proper perineal wash (front to back)

  • Not delay the time to go to the bathroom when we desire to urinate.
  • Avoid using non-lubricated condoms.
  • Eating yogurt rich in lactobacillus.
  • The daily intake of juice, raspberries, blueberries or citrus reduces the presence of bacteria in the urine and prevents recurrence in risk groups.

If urinary tract infections are frequent, try drinking lots of water with a little lemon juice that acidified urine and prevent the proliferation of bacteria. You can also be treated with acupuncture and supplement the diet with blueberries significantly reduce the frequency of infections. Furthermore, it is advisable to go to the bathroom before and after having intimate relationships.

Natural and Home Remedies

For extra help, both to prevent and relieve uncomfortable symptoms of urinary tract infections can use some natural and home remedies. Here is a list:

  • Orthosiphon: Mixed with heather and juniper berries, this reputed natural cleanser (also known as Java tea) increases the volume of urine, exerts considerable antibacterial action, being of great help in case of cystitis, urethritis…
  • Pulmonaria: On the disinfectant, diuretic and demulcent action, this plant is used with good results in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Take it in infusion, mixed with bearberry and corn silk.
  • When urine infection is caused by vaginal fungal (candidiasis), the yogurt provides good results in both the internal and external treatment. Taken orally, this probiotic increases bacterial microflora, which helps keep candida under control, a very opportunistic fungus that takes every moment of weakness to grow in number and expand its boundaries into areas such as the vagina. You can also use other probiotics (kefir, miso soup, fermented milk). In external use, some herbalists advise soak a tampon in plain yogurt (no sugar) and add 4 drops of essential oil of tea tree and insert it into the vagina (3 hours). However, in case of candidiasis, it is advisable to consult a doctor.
  • Sitz bath: A solution for external use is mixed in equal proportions thyme, bearberry, horsetail, calendula and linen (boil four tablespoons in one liter of water for 10 minutes). Filter and performs a sitz bath with this preparation, double soothing and disinfecting effect, twice daily.