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Natural remedies to relieve itchy skin

The itchy skin is a nuisance that should alleviate so not want to harm more. For example, instead of scratching to alleviate itching, best bet is one of these natural remedies to relieve discomfort, preventing it from further increase the feeling of itching.

relieve itchy skin

The itchy skin is one of the symptoms of common skin conditions such as hives, atopic skin or psoriasis. In addition, exposure to sun, hot water or heating may increase the sensation of itching, as well as some foods rich in histamine (chocolate, coffee or seafood). To relieve the itching in the skin we can turn to the pantry, where we find the necessary ingredients to prepare some herbal and natural remedies.

Home remedies to relieve itchy skin

Mauve Scabious: The scabious has purifying effect and anti-itch and can be used even in cases of itching caused by chickenpox. To prepare the herbal remedy: Boil two tablespoons mixed with mauve scabious – 2 minutes cooking – in a half liter of water. Let stand for ten minutes, filter and take over the day. It can also be applied directly to the skin.

Dandelion: Taken in tea, helps to stimulate the kidney and liver function, improving irritant skin disorders (rashes, redness …).

Helichrysum: A plant particularly recommended for psoriasis, urticaria and atopic dermatitis. This plant activates the natural production of cortisone. You can be taken in infusion – boiled 5 minutes in a cup of water, before each meal. In herbal drugstores and you can also find this plant in the form of ointment or helichrysum oil, for external use.

Calaguala: Effective natural treatment for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. It is credited with anti-inflammatory effect and prevents skin peeling. It is very effective any itching in the skin is aggravated as a result of stress or nervous tension. It is prepared boiling a spoonful of this plant in half liter of water, steeping overnight. Take before meals.

There are other home remedies that we can prepare and add to bath with soothing effect. The remedies include:

Horehound: It helps to reduce the inflammation in infected by eczema or dermatitis. Boil 500 grams in 2 liters and a half of water and add mixture to bath water.

Oats: Placed under the bath water running a bag of fabric with oats.

Cornstarch: One of the most amazing uses. Add two handfuls of cornstarch to the bathwater. It helps to soothe and soften the skin.