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Oil, moisturizing cream or gel: What is the best choice to keep the skin hydrated?

The skin is the largest organ of our body. Hence, we must pay special attention to a number of cares starting with keeping the skin well hydrated. To do this, we must consider what brings better benefits for the skin at the time of applying oil or moisturizing cream. What is the best choice to keep the skin hydrated?

skin well hydrated

The first thing to consider is that you have to choose the products depending on skin type (normal, dry, oily…) and their needs (dryness, lack of brightness, loss of smoothness, sagging, dark spots, dilated pores…). Two assumptions that determine which product hydrates best in each case.

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The oil provides active ingredients to moisturize, repair, provide elasticity and nourish the skin. Essential oils can be used in combination with a moisturizer cream (for example, oil at night and cream for the day). One of the advantages of the oils is the wide variety among which we can choose, from avocado oil, considered one of the most hydrating, almonds or rosehip oil, perfect for dry skin and restore skin elasticity.


The moisturizing creams improve the health and the internal structure of the skin.

It contains nutrients (aloe vera, vitamin C, collagen…), hyaluronic acid and lactate or urea (natural moisturizing factors). The moisturizing creams help cells to retain water, to prevent accumulation of debris or dead cells that hinder the oxygenation of the skin and as well as the appearance of impurities or dryness.

The moisturizing creams help to restore elasticity and brightness of the skin, being recommended especially to avoid the dryness of the skin and to hydrate, mostly when we expose the skin at low temperatures or dry environments. These are a good option for normal, dry and mature skins.


Its content in water gives a particular soft, light texture, be a good option if you have oily skin (these are a good remedy against the black dots and unsightly acne). The gels contain moisturizing substances, remove excess fat and provide immediate feeling of freshness to the skin.