Pregnancy: Why it is important to monitor blood pressure?

Having high blood pressure is a risk factors not only our hearts, but as remain specialists, it can also make a pregnant woman more vulnerable to developing other health problems such as pathology disease or diabetes. How to keep it under control? Follow good habits (with food playing a major role), accompanied by medical checks, and are the two keys to prevent stress play a trick on us during the gestation period.

monitor blood pressure

Controlling blood levels protects us from complications, because hypertension is a risk factor for cardiovascular problems. Blood pressure to which we pay special attention during pregnancy, as high levels can make a woman more vulnerable to suffer from other problems such as diabetes or kidney disease.

Timely diagnose, analyze risk factors and monitor the habits (diet, exercise, avoid snuff or alcohol) are key to keeping blood pressure under control during pregnancy. It is estimated that one in ten pregnant women have hypertension, one of the most common disorders associated with pregnancy, especially in the case of mothers, multiple pregnancies. Age also influences, and women over 35 are at greater risk of suffering.

Follow healthy habits during pregnancy is key so that it generally runs smoothly. Habits care starting with food. In a heart-healthy diet can not miss the fruit (at least three pieces a day) and vegetables (provide fiber and vitamins, so it must be present in the food and dinner).

During the gestation period should be avoided snuff consumption, both because it raises blood pressure and heart rate. The snuff is harmful to both the health of the mother and the developing of the fetus. Similarly, and for the same reasons, during pregnancy should avoid alcoholic beverages. It should also avoid drinks with caffeine or carbonated and foods high in saturated fat. Always replace healthier foods rich in unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, fish, nuts or seeds.

A sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity is a bad habit at any stage of life. During pregnancy, and doing an activity suited to our state, protects the heart, helps to prevent weight gain and reduces blood pressure levels. And speaking of weight during pregnancy can gain more kilos than those recommended in each quarter. Weight that we try to control, since overweight is a risk factor for hypertension.

Pregnancy Hypertension: Types

We must remember that although prepregnancy hypertension did not have problems, they may appear during pregnancy (gestational hypertension). Prevention is therefore essential, and it starts with careful and follows the medical advice. Hypertension can be maintained before and during pregnancy and, in addition, a third type of hypertension that is accompanied by loss of protein in the urine and swelling (preeclampsia or eclampsia).

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