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Red tea benefits for health

Among the different types of tea, go for the red is doing for your health. And they are many, as we will see, the benefits reported to have a cup of red tea, perfect at any time of the day. Also red tea is one of the most refreshing drinks.

red tea benefits

Not only quenches thirst to take it as cold drink, but a cup of red hot tea exerts a soothing and relaxing. And, unlike coffee, do not lose sleep if taken late in the day. The absence of caffeine makes tea a healthier drink, so if you’re one of those who abuse coffee, perhaps the time has come to change. And if your problem is stress, have a cup of red tea, a good relaxing.

Red Tea: properties
Among the many properties of red tea should be noted that is an excellent antioxidant, and a drink that helps hydrate the body. Red tea is included in the list of foods rich in flavonoids. Different studies have found that red tea slows cellular aging and enhances the immune system, increasing the protection against diseases such as infections or colds, while improves the cardiovascular system.

It does not end here listings of red tea, as it can also be a good natural ally to alleviate some ailments as common as headaches, allergies or cramps. It also promotes the respiratory system, in the case of people with asthma, helps regulate blood pressure and strengthens bones.

Red Tea: Benefits
Especially interesting for skin care, among other minerals it contains zinc, well for preventing and treating acne. In fact, to treat some skin irritations, as a home remedy, red tea powder is used. Other mineral that provides red tea is calcium. This means that in the case of people with lactose intolerance, it becomes a good substitute.

Another benefit is established for the red tea which helps stimulate metabolism – especially interesting in the case of slow metabolism and weight-loss issues and to promote digestion.

Red tea for slimming
Red tea is a diuretic drink and purifying effects that help eliminate toxins and fluid retention. This makes tea such a good ally of the diets, especially if we want to burn fat. By promoting digestion and metabolism, losing weight will be much easier. Specifically, red tea stimulates metabolism of liver, favoring elimination of fats faster. And a final benefit, but not least, the red tea is good to keep out the cholesterol levels.