Foot Problems

Swollen feet: Causes and remedies for inflammation

Do you notice swollen feet more often? Knowing the cause of the swollen feet is key to implementing the most effective remedies. When our feet swell by our bad habits, we can avoid the problem by taking some precautions.

swollen feet

Behind the problem of swollen feet, ankles and extended legs, it can hide other diseases of various kinds, so if the problem persists should always consult your doctor.

Why the feet swell?

The feet have to carry all the weight of the body, every time we got up, walking or running. To prevent this problem we must avoid any kind of effort. Swollen feet and ankles are primarily due to fluid accumulation in fat tissue under the skin. The skin of the foot is scarce, so if you press your finger over the swollen area, filled with fluid, will form a small depression that lasts a few seconds. It is the clear evidence that the foot is swollen.

Causes of swollen feet

The main reasons for the swollen feet:

Excessive exercise: Walking or running long distances, especially if improvising from one day to another without proper physical form.

Obesity problems: As we said, the foot has to bear the full weight of the body. The extra kilos are an important risk factor.

Wear incorrect shoes: stockings, panties and too tight shoes or high heels. Look out, swollen feet that can cause pain.

Too much salt in the diet: A diet high in salt is a risk factor because it intensifies the problem of accumulation of fluid in the body, including the feet.

Chronic venous insufficiency: Due to dysfunction of heart valves, veins see their altered function and blood flows back and forth inefficiently, causing the formation of varicose veins (swollen veins), venous stasis, increasing pressure and hindering the passage of fluid out of the veins. Swollen feet are just one of the many symptoms associated with this disorder, which usually affects older people in most cases.

Inflammation of the joints: Sometimes both swollen ankles and feet suffer from this problem but, what are the causes of swollen feet? There are several reasons related to orthopedic problems and inflammation of the joints of the feet (one example, periarthritis).

Nicotine addiction: Smoke cigarette favors the accumulation of excess fluid and has a negative effect on the venous circulation. Another good reason to quit.

Heredity: The Genetic predisposition, often hereditary.

How to avoid swollen feet

  • Always wear socks and comfortable shoes, which harmoniously follow the foot structure.
  • Not to improvise the practice of sport. Walking and exercise is good, but when we’re in bad shape cannot ask our body to overexertion. It is always advisable to stop several times to recover energy and rest your feet.
  • Follow a diet low in sodium and rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.
  • Give up smoking.

bath swollen feet

Baths for swollen feet

Among natural remedies to prevent swollen feet, temperature changes can help to relieve swelling. Foot soak in a container filled with hot water and, after ten minutes, immersed them in another container with cold water for 30 seconds. Repeat this three or four times, ending with hot water.

Massage for swollen feet

With a mint-based lotion and affordable in phytotherapy, massage of the feet from the bottom up, pressing lightly with the hands. Also, discover the yoga exercises care and relax your feet.

Exercise for swollen feet

A simple exercise to activate the circulation and remove excess fluid accumulation, turn a tennis ball into the barefoot.