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Ways to Improve Your Eyesight: Explained

At least half of the population suffers from some form of eye related problems, whether it is continual eyestrain, irritated eyes or poor vision. The increased use of things like computers, televisions and mobile phones are to blame for the larger number of people that are now reliant on glasses and contact lenses.

improve eyesight

The strain on our eyes is incredible but there are things you can do to not only prevent having to wear glasses or contacts but to also improve your poor vision.


There are certain foods that are perfect for improving the health of eyes. Although it is a myth that carrots help you to see in the dark, they are one type of food that can actually help with the health of the eye. Being conscious of the food we eat and being generally healthy will have a good affect on the body, including the eyes.

Smoke Free

Cigarettes have a terrible effect on the entire body but the impact it can have on the eyes is frightening. The smoke can cause permanent red eyes, dry eye syndrome, long term smoking can result in eye degeneration, cataracts and optic nerve damage, all of which can cause a permanent loss of vision.

Eye Protection

Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun, pure sunlight will severely damage your optic nerves over a period of time.

Reduce Eye Strain

This is the most common cause of eye issues. With the increased use of technology, our eyes are under a great deal of pressure and strain. Staring at a computer screen or television leaves the eyes dry and sore. Those that wear glasses or lenses will eventually worsen their condition with repeated eyestrain.


A lack of sleep can leaving your eyes feeling tired and sore. A good nights sleep is good for the entire body and gives everything a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

Keep Hydrated

It is crucial for us to keep constantly hydrated. The human body is made up mostly of water and its important to keep that replenished. Dehydration can have a poor effect on body and mind.

Don’t Rely on Glasses

Wearing glasses and contact lenses constantly will encourage the eye to be lazy. It won’t have to work to repair the vision damage if there is something there to do it instead.

For some people, the natural remedies and eye exercise do little to repair the damage. If all else fails, there is a procedure that so many have turned to solve their eye related problems. Wearing glasses and lenses can have a big impact on a person’s way of life.

Eye surgery has been a popular procedure for the last few years and has allowed so many to completely transform their lives. As with any surgery there are risks involved but the end result can be outstanding, 20:20 vision is often the motivation people need to go through with the surgery.