What is better: Aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

Along with a healthy and balanced diet, physical exercise is the best ally of health. In fact, one of the habits recommended by health experts is the carry out physical exercise regularly. It not only helps us to stay in shape, but that among its benefits, take care of our brain, heart, lungs, muscles… Physical exercise is good both physically and emotionally, as they move improves our mood.

aerobic or anaerobic exercise

Logically, the physical exercise should be adjusted to our age and physical condition, especially lending to the presence of any disease, particularly a cardiovascular disorder. It is equally important to have a physical or sporting activity that we like and motivates us. What is best practice? We start from the division of aerobic exercise (or dynamic exercise) and anaerobic exercise (static strength). To find out which type of exercise is best for us we will see some differences.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Aerobic or dynamic exercise is reporting the greatest health benefits, both cardiovascular level (especially to prevent heart disorders), respiratory, skeletal, metabolic, muscle. This type of exercise activates the muscle groups and, when it comes to long-term activities, increased consumption of oxygen. To its list of benefits must add that improves blood pressure, helps control cholesterol and blood glucose and facilitates weight loss. As examples, exercises like walking (the most simple and easy to practice sport), jogging, cycling or swimming.

Moreover, the anaerobic exercise increases muscle strength, flexibility, power and strength. Experts recommend that the anaerobic exercises are a complement to the aerobic; i.e. combining training activities or exercises of both types.

Static or anaerobic exercises are usually of short duration (series of exercises and repetitions, weights lifting), from which there does not take place an increase of the oxygen consumption. This type of exercise is good for toning the figure and reduces fat.

How much exercise to do

If our health is optimal, the recommendation of the experts is to incorporate as daily aerobic exercise, i.e. walking, swimming or ride a bike for at least 30 minutes. The total count for the week should be between 2.5 and 5 hours. It is important to increase the time so gradual, as the excesses of pay, for example with an injury.

This is not a race to the bottom, but get in shape and strengthen our health. As a complement we can acquire other habits, like walking to work or shopping, initiated in gardening or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Between 2 and 3 times a week is recommended to complement the aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise.

If we suffer some type of health disorder, or we practice time without any physical activity, before putting on the slippers of sport you should consult your doctor and do a check. Once we have a diagnosis we can decide what type of exercise that suits us according to our age and physical condition.