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White teeth: Natural remedies to get it

Nothing like a nice smile, this can take a back seat due to the appearance of stained teeth. Stains caused by smoke snuff, caffeine, by the use of certain medications and even by eating certain foods, are among the most common. An unbalanced diet, or too rich in meat, may also favor the appearance of spots. What to do, how to get white teeth naturally? Are you in Ireland and looking for a dentist in Dublin? Here you will find many good dentists and it is not always necessary to resort to the dentist to remove some unsightly stains. Let’s see some of the natural remedies that can be most effective to restore the smile and forget about stains.

natural teeth whitening

Natural Teeth Whitening
The teeth whitening treatment used a number of substances that eliminate oxides responsible for the change of the color of the enamel. But in addition to these solutions, involving the use of chemicals, we can use natural remedies:

  • Among the best known remedies must target the sodium bicarbonate. It is true that is primarily used to prevent heartburn, but it is also a good ally to keep teeth white. Just enter your toothbrush, first in water and then in a baking jar. Then next, brush teeth, as simple as that. Results will be visible in a few days. Baking does not attack the tooth enamel.
  • Eating currant and onion. Two foods included in the diet, will help us have a healthier and whiter teeth. These are two foods that prevent the occurrence of cavities.
  • The sage (salvia officinalis) is a plant which, among other properties, has whitening effect. It’s as simple as brushing your teeth with sage leaves, free of pesticides.
  • The lemon peel can also be a good ally, especially for removing stains caused by snuff.

Note that such remedies are effective if teeth problem goes beyond a simple stain, for example, the presence of scale that would require, first of all, making a visit to the dentist for a cleaning.

Proper oral hygiene is essential for nice smile, well, of course, to prevent health problems in the mouth and teeth. For this reason, we must not forget that it is advisable to brush our teeth every day after meals with a suitable brush.