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Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

If you have a hole in your mouth or a tooth that is badly decayed that you fear may have to be extracted then you may possibly be wondering if you will be a candidate for a dental implant.

dental implant

Dental implants are great for two reasons: they preserve your smile and they preserve the integrity of the teeth that are left behind around the hole. However, there are a few factors that are going to determine whether you should look into dental implants householders should consider:

The possibility of a crown

First of all, no cosmetic dentistry practice likes to remove a tooth if it does not have to be pulled. Therefore before an extraction is recommended by a general dentist the implant process should be considered as should all other options that need to be explored.

If the badly decayed tooth still has a viable root then cerec dental crowns might be recommended instead. A crown can help cover a tooth after a root canal and can help preserve it for years to come. However, if the tooth is too badly decayed then this is no longer an option and the dental implant might come back into the picture.

Implant requirements

There are two ways to receive a dental implant, directly after a tooth extraction or at any other time after the tooth extraction. Implants are most successful if the extraction site is immediately prepped for the removal since it will help to promote proper bone growth.

However, if you did not have the option at the time does not mean that you could not be a great candidate now. In order to determine if the bone growth in the area is adequate and if an implant would be plausible in your mouth you will want to schedule a consultation.