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3 perfect meals to overcome anemia

Review diet is key premise to treat anemia, a disorder characterized by reduced hemoglobin level in blood, iron deficiency is the most common cause (known as iron deficiency anemia) or by a poor diet in this mineral or because the body does not assimilate well.

perfect meals

Iron is an essential mineral for proper functioning of the body. What to eat to overcome anemia? Follow guidelines for healthy eating and go for foods rich in nutrients such as iron and vitamin C may be sufficient to reverse the situation. We propose three perfect menus to balance iron levels and improve your well-being.

Breakfast: Whole grains and squeezed oranges

Every healthy diet begins with breakfast, one of the main foods that should not run over if we want to start the day with right foot. If you suffer from anemia, a good breakfast not only provide us with essential nutrients to start the day, but to combat symptoms such as fatigue.

A breakfast in which should not miss the whole grains and citrus fruits, especially oranges, an exceptional source of vitamin C, which helps the body absorb iron better. The orange is one of the healthiest fruits.

For its part, whole grains are rich in iron from vegetable origin (containing between 7 and 18 mg/100 grams), highlighting oats, wheat germ and brewer’s yeast.

The spinach are an excellent source of iron and fiber, calcium and vitamins (A, B, C and E). In case of anemia, it is advisable to include spinach in your daily diet, such as salad. Spinach can be a starter or a companion. Meanwhile, the tomato, is especially valued for its vitamin C and E as well as in beta-carotene. Includes tomato in your daily diet, as an ingredient in salads or in the form of juice.

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Dinner: Fish and lemon

The fish, among its healthy properties, is rich in iron, highlighting fish such as anchovies, sardines, which have between 2 and 6 mg/100 grams. In addition to fish, seafood also brings a lot of iron, mussels and cockles. Moreover, lemon, like citrus, is an extra contribution of vitamin C to absorb iron better.